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  1. I will share this. I once bought 8 hours, $75 an hour, at a really nice studio. I had 3 guys, myself, a bass player and a drummer. A lot of the time was spent making drum samples from his hits on his kit, fine. But we knocked it out in a few takes. It took a LOONG time for my vocals(original 1950`s C12) The guy became really interested in the song. He had me layer it with a Telecaster and a Rick 12 string. All in all, he spent 12 hours on it, bought us food, and had bags under his eyes when he came out. He said "we don`t have these good of songs come through very often" so he spent 4 hours free time because he enjoyed it. I`ve posted this a lot, but I know some are going to want to hear it. So this is an SSL 4048E -Otari MX-80 2" and I don`t know what else. This was recorded around 1998. It`s old news to most everyone here. https://app.box.com/s/4be7250990c926505421
  2. I`ve made 4 or 5 albums(cough) with bands and a couple on my own, with a dedicated engineer. I NEVER liked the click track. There always seemed a tendency for the band as a whole to speed up against the click track as the song advanced, and that was probably because there was never one used at practice.
  3. The Breeze is a great tune. I remember the guy who wrote it died a few years ago. He was either local or regional because it was on the news. Apparently a lot of "other people" wrote those songs.
  4. Yes, every once in a while I still get really drunk:idk:. It’s a big improvement from every day.
  5. Lots of hot young babes, there. Wonder how they held up.
  6. Yeah, I love that. Almost everyone I interact with are either Miles Davis or Classical aficionados. Miles Davis didn`t do much in his later on.."Merp". I appreciate Steve and his classical sense, but I can`t relate to it much. I try, and he tries to talk to me about it..uhuh..uhuh..I can`t even read music like he does.I`m just a lowly, mostly self taught person. Not much to brag about.
  7. Watching.."don`t let that flag hit the ground"..
  8. Is there /what is the translation from "n" to "p". I`ve searched Cryllic translations, and American n= Russian p. so these idiots are arguing over the same damn tube.
  9. I just offhandedly guessed Rudy Sarzo, so that`s him?
  10. Randy pwns Zakk Wild that`s for sure.
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