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  1. I remember in the 80s(I have new sets, they aren’t the same) D’Addario started using a nylon core. Not to get into too many details, but I remember getting an entire case of those as a Christmas present, that’s pretty sweet. I was around 13-14(87-88) and already a gigging musician. SNAP! Every night! I like them now, but man was that horrible in the age of the Floyd Rose. Instant unplayable guitar.
  2. Aren’t guitar strings like new tubes for the most part? Like very few companies producing for multiple brands? Pink Slinky’s here most of the time. But like most things, I have a stash of strings here as if they cure Coronavirus, so I have several brands of electric, acoustic and bass strings. Not much difference between brands IMO. Pink Slinky’s are just cheap.
  3. Ok, you’ve convinced me to go with the WA-2A with your review, Phil. No SMD I can see, already has the upgraded optics, Cinemags, Texas company, etc..The KT, the more I listen, sounds more like a “modern take” on the unit considering the WA is for sure IMO more aggressive. I’m invested in this already as I know even the WA the tubes are probably going to go and the selections I bought weren’t exactly cheap knowing I’ll probably only use 2 out of many. NOS tube market isn’t exactly reliable and only getting worse, so if available I’ll buy 2. There are definitely noise sensitivity differences de
  4. Oh I will. Probably will do a tear down so the 2 people here mildly interested can see. I’m still thinking of getting an RCA 12ax7 to roll in there as well since I’ve read they were the original tube, but the original unit is probably a different beast. I imagine it’s like anything old that’s been re-capped/tubed that 2 originals may not sound alike.
  5. I’m excited, I’ve done exhaustive research deciding between this and the WA-2A. It seems really close and I’m not 100% decided on one or the other, other than I’m buying ONE of them. They have their own strengths/weaknesses. The Klark gets points for vocals IMO(probably the only use) but bass and drums the WA-2A sounds more heft. Yes, I went out and bought more tubes than I can ever use for it to roll in the signal chain...Lets see some more showed up today..(50s/60s)..2 Raytheon black plate 12ax7s from Baldwin organ pull..1- Browning(?) 12ax7...2- GE 12ax7 long gray plate..1- Westinghouse 12b
  6. That’s what I was hoping for. I’m looking forward to the ..2a experience. Maybe even a WA-2A, I need to see the inside of it. I have at least one vintage 12bh7 up for grabs if anyone needs one.
  7. I’m preparing myself for a sub-par experience so I already have good tubes(signal path) and a VERY nice output capacitor if need be. By all accounts, the “optics” seem to be fine vs upgrading the T4B. If I can get this for $400 and already have the upgrades that seems pretty good. I can barely justify having one of these period, I’m good on compressors, just not THIS kind.
  8. NVM I have them all. They are getting replaced when I receive the unit.
  9. Ha, now that I have your attention, how important are the tubes? I’m asking because, I can’t remember if I mentioned this yesterday, I was coming out of anesthesia and on strong drugs. Anyways, probably not THIS paycheck(medical bills) but NEXT one(getting paid once a month like faculty kinda sucks) I think I’m going to get a Klark Teknik KT-2A but I’m sure it comes with crappy tubes. I have NOS if 3 of the 4 already, but that’s a hit to the amp stash because it’s 1-EL84(ouch) 2-12AX7(double ouch) and a 1-12HB7 which I do not own yet but are pretty pricey. I have 1 lonely preamp left that I th
  10. Those bodies are easy to get and built like tanks. There are so many aftermarket windscreens for those. Telefunken uses a slightly shaved off version of the same body. They are everywhere. I have several of these capsules.https://www.telefunken-elektroakustik.com/product/tk51d-capsule-ar-51 They are just "OK" and not sure what the rules are here, but I have a few laying around.😉
  11. Hey, how`d I end up here? Not surprised the CV sounds better. Even looking at the internals of a VR there is no way is going to be even close(having built one to spec) for them to pull off a decent single triode like that vs. even a MUCH less expensive one with the cathode follower like the CV. While not true to the original in that sense, I have had one(not a CV, one I did myself) and it was stunningly good. That will be my next project since I still have 1 power supply chassis left- a "c12" WITH the cathode follower.
  12. I love them when someone else is operating them. God forbid you make a mistake you later regret after really listening...They have to..get the giant tape out..find where you f’d up..transfer the whole thing to digital(per track). Find your F’up again..find something else to paste over your f’up..hope you’ll be happy.
  13. It`s actually way better. IMO, I loved recording to tape MUCH better, but those 2 inch reels started costing a ton. And the editing got real hard. I realized later I messed up singing 1 line. I wanted it fixed. $$ edit inPro Tools, export to ADAT. That was a big deal in the 90`s AFAIK.
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