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  1. I love them when someone else is operating them. God forbid you make a mistake you later regret after really listening...They have to..get the giant tape out..find where you f’d up..transfer the whole thing to digital(per track). Find your F’up again..find something else to paste over your f’up..hope you’ll be happy.
  2. It`s actually way better. IMO, I loved recording to tape MUCH better, but those 2 inch reels started costing a ton. And the editing got real hard. I realized later I messed up singing 1 line. I wanted it fixed. $$ edit inPro Tools, export to ADAT. That was a big deal in the 90`s AFAIK.
  3. Steve Miller apparently never goes out of style. He`s got enough hits that classic rock stations/XM never runs out of them.
  4. I`m nowhere near astute in Steely Dan. I like maybe 5 songs, 2 or 3 being standards (Do it Again etc.).
  5. I`m going with So, just because the E-MU sounds so real on Sledgehammer.
  6. Myself, Oasis Champagne Supernover is the best recording I have ever heard. The saturation is insane! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tS4JTkBXgA EDIT- I know for a fact this is a Neve VR board. I don`t know if the preamps sound that awesome or if they are using external.
  7. I try to roll with the changing ways of “current trends”, which happen to be easy as hell compared to getting a band together and learning the hard way vs. using a looper, a couple synths and a drum machine. I wish I learned about that a long time ago, but I didn’t.
  8. redEL34

    Amp question

    Freakin Monoprice 15 watt. NOS tubes, new reverb tank, Eminence Legend GB128, that`s one hell of an amp.
  9. I hear ya, the internal mixer works fine for 99% of anything. It’s just good practice, and something I never get to mess with in real life, so it makes it more interesting. Especially when you get your own choice of effects. It’s as real as it’s gonna ever get for me, anyways.
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