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  1. Great review Phil! Thanks for being so thorough. I've wanted a Casino for years and this one might make more sense for me. I'm looking forward to checking it out in person.
  2. Thanks Phil! Man, I really do love this guitar but I've received some interesting opinions about it lately. I talked to a old friend of mine about the guitar and he absolutely refuses to call it a Jaguar and was actually upset that the headstock says "Jaguar" and not "Jaguarillo". He epitomizes that traditionalist attitude you mentioned in a previous post. I guess I am bent in the other direction as I tend to gravitate to non traditional takes on traditional guitars, hence the Jaguarillo and even my Tele, which is modified to my own version of an Esquire.
  3. Both work and vacation trips prevented me from having much time with my Jaguarillo but I brought it in to work with me so I could run it by a local shop to get a replacement vibrato arm. I figured I'd snap a quick pic while I had the chance. I'll be home all weekend so I'll get to run it through my rig at volume and take a few more pics. But until then, here she is....
  4. Thanks everyone! I am pretty excited about it. Regarding the neck, it is a comfortable C shape neck, and was easy to get used to coming from playing teles. I unfortunately don't have experience with other Fender/Squier shortscales other than the shortscale Teles and Strats, which I was not crazy about. But that may just be that I am not crazy about those guitars in general.
  5. Ugh! That is terrible news! Phil, have have always been the heart and soul of hcfx. I'm sorry to see this but I know you will be on to bigger and better things.
  6. I've been a Tele guy for many years and have not really been interested in other guitars up until recently. Over the past few months I've become intrigued by short scale guitars after playing one and liking the feel. I've also been interested in 3 pickup guitars as of late. Enter the Jaguarillo. I was at Guitar Center picking up strings and I happened to see a used Jaguarillo hanging on the wall and gave it a test run. I really liked the feel of the neck, the offset body and loved the sound. The guitar had what I was looking for and offered lots of tonal diversity not possible in my Tele. That was a two weeks ago, and I have not been able to stop thinking about that guitar as I continued shopping for my next guitar. I went back in yesterday and bought it. I don't have pics of it yet, but mine is has the faded sonic blue finish and looks brand new. There is not a scratch or scuff on it anywhere, including the pick guard. I don't think the thing has been played much at all. I need to restring it and give it a good set up, but even with the 10's on it it sounds and plays great! I've gone through countless pedals over the past few years but this is the first electric guitar purchase for me in about 10 years and so far I am completely satisfied. In know, its still the honeymoon period, but I still don't see my opinion changing. Here is a pic of what mine looks like: P. S. Thank you to Phil for a great review on the Jaguarillo. Your article is what initially sparked my curiosity in the guitar.
  7. I agree. I tried TGP but it really doesn't fit me. I'm back.
  8. Originally Posted by Cirrus Epic thread bump! Nice, looks cool man. I sold my night train a couple of years ago but I remember it sounding much better any time I ran it through a bigger cab. I think a lot of the issues people talk about are caused by the tiny particle board open back cab with a greenback in it. I found a tube change makes a positive difference too. I seem to remember enjoying the Boss OD-3 with the night train, so I guess it and the OCD would both work well. yeah, I guess that was quite a bump. Thanks man, I am enjoying it quite a bit and i do think the larger cab has a lot to do with it. It is quite a bit louder than I anticipated. It seems louder than my Pro Junior and with far more clean headroom. I ran an OCD with my Pro Junior for a while and ended up ditching, but the NT is a different animal. I've always wanted to give the OD-3 a try. I will likely just stick with my Pork Loin and Octophant for a time as I get to know the amp. I played for a while last night using my Pork Loin as a slightly dirty boost and the Octophant in non boost mode. I dialed them in to sound great alone or stacked and those two pedals provided me with a huge tonal palette. My next purchase is going to be a delay as I am without a delay for the first time in a long time. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. I just picked up a Night Train over the weekend and I love it so far. It sounds great with my Vox 212. I've heard complaints about NT not having any low end but the 212s deliver as much low end as I want. I've played a Pro Junior for years now and never owned a Vox. What overdrives are you guys using with your Night Trains? My small dirt section currently includes a Pork Loin and an Octophant. Obligatory picture....
  10. Love them. I don't have any EHX on my board right now but I'd love to pick up a MPog.
  11. I'm starting to lean towards the Squash because it's a little more tweakable (knobs). Plus I'm seeing them online for about $60. I've only had mine for about a week but I really like it. The compression sounds great and it has enough volume to work as a boost as well.
  12. I just bought a BBE Orange Squash (same as the BBE Orange Squeezer) and I love it. I demo'd an old Dyna Comp, a Hartman comp and the BBE and I walked out with the BBE.
  13. First this (along with a Flextone Plus I, 1998) Then this: and so began the madness... (add a L6 exp pedal and a DIY expression footswitch and that is my most current board)
  14. One thing (besides in / out point quantizing on the loops) I wish it had was the ability to select, as a setup option, the ability to select a effect unit by hitting the footswitch for it without the first hit of the switch bypassing it. That way, you could select a "pedal" and see its parameters without bypassing it, then having to hit the switch a second time to re-activate it. I realize most people probably prefer the way it functions now - so you can turn things on or off with a single button push... but sometimes I want to change the "displayed" effect and change its parameters without bypassing it first. If I did want to bypass it, a quick "double tap" would still allow me to do so... Can't you use an expression pedal (or two) to defeat this limitation? Or will the expression pedal only change effects parameters when in scene mode?
  15. Originally Posted by Chaos Realms http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/bre...81474192.html# wow, getting old sucks
  16. Originally Posted by RadioSilence My Dad loves The Beatles and has all but one of the original L.P. records with autographed sleeves. I think he needs Help. I lol'd
  17. DD-20 and for those complaints about the delay not being strong enough.......jumper that mutha!
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