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  1. I'm trying to tidy up my cluttered guitar area and I think a multi stand will be just the thing. I like the folding case type. Seems they may be a bit more sturdy than the cheapy tubular stands? The one at GFS for $80 is what I'm considering right now. Which multi stand are you using that you like?
  2. Any interest in an ESP LTD H-500 w/ EMG's(81,85)? MIK 2007. Does have a few dings, couple small ones that go through the finish top of the tummy contour. Typical swirling and pick marks. 6.9 lbs on bathroom scale. Soft case.
  3. If you reconsider and want more pics or whatever just let me know. Good luck.
  4. Interested in an ESP LTD H-500 w/ EMG's? Has some dings around the output jack and a couple on the back, don't have a hard case for it.
  5. Good guy to deal with! Thanks a lot Art.
  6. Interested in selling just the tuners? Let me know. PM'ed you also.
  7. Interested in an ESP LTD H-500 w/ EMG's for the V Blade?
  8. Interested in any trades? I have an ESP LTD H-500 w/ emg's. Few dings, no case for it.
  9. Very nice pics. Not that it matters really, but it's a '92. Good luck.
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