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  1. Sometimes searching in google in HC, I find "PDA" or "archive" versions of the forum, that are without colors, in a simple format and a very lower file size. I would like that. I have tried to discover how to set the forum to work like that in my cellphone, but I never find how. Is that the "vbulletin skin" that you are talking about? Or how do we set the forum to look like that? Of course, what I like the most in it is that the kilobytes used are very few, and that is the main interest when using a cellphone to this. I use Safari in Nokia. As I do not hire "unlimited internet" plans that are too expensive, I pay for every kilobyte I download from internet. It is not too expensive when I use it to check gmail and use the chat of msn, the special java apps (gmail mobile, and ebuddy) uses by far almost 300 kilobytes per hour of constant use. But I can not not even navigate on page of HC because it is almost 500 or 600 kb per page... If the Vbulletin skin only shows the text and links without all the bells and whistles, then I think it is the best option for mobile devices that are not too powerful.
  2. Help to find the notes or chords of this fragment.Listen to the violins, I want to know what notes they are playing in this short fragment. Please help me, it is very sweet, but I could not find it myself. Thank you. The composition is "Desafinado" by Jobim. But the violins were added in this version only, I think, so the standard score music sheet does not contain the notation for this fragment.
  3. I suggest to you, the developers of vst, to make a classic guitar VST, like guitar rig but for classic acoustic guitar. Thank you. And make it free.
  4. http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/2096105 "Suave luna azul" (Soft blue moon) It is a song composed improvising, I make it in about 5 hours... The mainproblem is that I did not have a microphone, so I had to use a cassete recorder connected to the computer. And welll, I was following the rule of improvise, so I did not plan th structure of the song, so the lyrics are a little bit closed between... Plase tell me what do you think about it. It was made improvising almost everything. The slide guitar is a real improvisation, having just a main idea for a lead... Please tell me what do you think about it and how can i improve to compose better songs. The song is in spanish.
  5. :facepalm: You should change your strings more often.... So...did I win???
  6. What's with the old thread bumpage, reading the forum past to present? I fell in love... ? yesterday... I want to remember all about her...all that little details of our lifes that are driving me crazy... I love her...
  7. One day I was playing my ten years old mandolin, which has have the same strings since my mother gave it to me... Getting fun... The first string broke and jump immediately to be inserted in my had... I hated that thing...and I have not touched that mandolin since, because I am afraid of having more injuries...
  8. That horrible lin biskit or whatever name it has... I hate that selfpromoters, with all that "lin bizkit is in town"... And their music are just a piece of trash.
  9. Anyone here has the mental force and power to read all that pages?
  10. Depends what you plug them into. Does the volume depends of the pickup output?
  11. You will have more time for your guitar...
  12. The answer is 42. Really? I saw that movie too... It is a book... That computer has the answer! "42", the answer to life, the universe, and everything... One day i will be a hitchhiker...
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