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  1. I received this for Christmas, but I'm renting now and need to save up some rent money. It is brand new and still in the box with all original paperwork. Street price is $250, I'd like to get $100 shipping included. I'll get pictures up tonight or tomorrow. PM me for any questions.
  2. Russian Circles Pelican Baroness And So I Watch You From Afar This Will Destroy You If These Trees Could Talk Mono
  3. Spring break starts today, bitches. To the top!
  4. I know...nothing is right now. I had this idea of creating an online raffle where forum members can buy 10 tickets for $10/each and there's a limit of so many people/tickets and the winner gets the guitar. Apparently this is illegal, but seems like a hell of an idea for all of us here. I'd spend $100 for 1 and 20 odds on a nice LP or something! That's a great idea, haha. I hate looking at this post because I don't have the cash and you aren't looking for trades but I can't stop myself from drooling when I look here hahaha.
  5. Bump. This thing really needs to go due to me moving and funding a new apartment. Very flexible on the price of the guitar. Give me your best offer.
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