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  1. Analogman 3 Knob Bicomp 200$ have bag and papers. paypal. flawless.
  2. Large Box 3 Knob Analogman Bicomp. Cosmetically flawless . Have bag and papers. http://www.flickr.com/photos/22746135@N07/2849424605/
  3. Fender Ultimate Chorus DSP 2 x12 The Reverb/Delay fx doesnt work,The chorus/flange fx work fine on both channels . Its a loud and clean sounding amp. cosmetically great. Comes w cover and footswitch. Consider trades for 1 12" amp. ships from buffalo NY. "You get the fat stereo tones that have made the Ultimate Chorus
  4. Have Fender Ultimate Chorus looking to down size to a 1 12 size amp of equal value more or less .. let me know what offers are out there .. near buffalo ny for ship
  5. And...in honor of this thread, I just started to d/l the Neil Young discography torrent. sorry but thats funny
  6. just got this book/pdf via his website. anybody enjoy this one yet? sounds promising .. http://www.forwardmotionpdf.com/
  7. just ain't doing it for me anymore, because i specifically bought it to play SHRED, and that's completely different to what i play now. plus, i have had horribly addictive les paul standard gas. if it wasn't for playing a couple les paul standards and falling in love, i wouldn't be selling the carvin. but alas, the les paul is like heroin. what type of music do you learn more towards now , life after shred??
  8. so is the carvin more like a gibson in playability? i see its 25 verses 24.7 or whatever gibson is ... anybody play a carvin? they have some nice looking guitars ...
  9. is it tuned to a right handed guitar like Albert King ,Jimmy Cliff,Doyle Bramhall II ? always thought that was kinda strange .. but it works..
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