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  1. They seem to have their finger on the pulse lately... I'm eager to try the new trem!!
  2. That sounds like a good plan, the foot switch will definitely and more functionality! Let us know how you make out.
  3. I have the ditto and it would be perfect for what you want it to do! I haven't played the Digitech but the Ditto sounds awesome. I may upgrade to the Ditto2 soon as with the Ditto you have to double tap to stop it and it's tricky to do in a band environment. Great pedal though.
  4. Back in the day this thread was great for the spank bank!
  5. Sorry to hear of the layoff Phil. You truly are a pillar of this community and this is brutal news. I'm glad you'll still be around as a mod. Whatever you do please let us know so your loyal crew can keep tabs on you! Chin up!
  6. Well that is good news. I'll wait to lift my self proclaimed "unluckiest man ever" moniker until I see what it is!
  7. Again, thanks for doing this! Even though it was a small scale BOTB's it always takes time and effort and I appreciate that! Well done!!
  8. That's a move of a pure gentleman!
  9. If you are a guy who likes to tweak knobs and experiment I would look at the Timeline. I still find myself coming up with new sounds after owning it for two years. Its expensive but a great pedal! The various forum sale threads have them used all the time if that helps the wallet.
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