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  1. If tuition wasn't so damn much... Bump for a clean guitar
  2. I hear if you bitch about it, it makes you feel better
  3. sucks, but atleast the manager is trying. What are ya gonna do, people fuck up, computers fuck up, the guy is trying to make it right, no big deal. Are you going to die if you don't get your precious dean the next day? No. Lay off the guy
  4. That is the funniest thing I've read on here in quite some time! You joined in June and have 5 posts. Stfu OP, your item is nice. I would like to purchase this item. Is this item still for sale? If the item is still for sale, I would like to purchase it with a personal cheque. I will send a personal mover to pick up the item. I need your address, phone number, Full name, and your social security number. I am very intersted in this item, so pleas let me know quickly if I will be able to purchase this item. Thank you, Sir muhammed zimbabwe, King of Nigeria national Bank ps op, blow yourself. No one will buy it for this ridiculous price, you need to put the pipe down or pass it around. If there's a lawyer/dentist/doctor on TGP that will pay out the ass because they're uneducated, go for it. But the street smarts tend to be a little higher over here when people have to actually budget their money as opposed to just opening their checkbook. So calmly kill yourself and your rude comments towards your potential buyers.
  5. man! Sweet guitar. The US fender teles are sweet. Killer color combo there too, good luck
  6. great price on a killer head. Good luck, one of the few high gainers that fly under the radar
  7. Brick

    valvetech VAC

    good luck, that's a killer amp
  8. get the valvetech and an OD pedal. It'll cover so many sounds and Rob is a cool dude
  9. what a dip{censored}. I'll be interested to soo how failtastic this thread turns out
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