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  1. it's a '66 vox cab with a pair of '68 greenbacks... the orange 2x12 has a pair of celestion gold's in it I would love to test those two cabs... I've played recently through a Marshall 412 with greenbacks and I loved it.
  2. Nels Cline. I love his philosophy, playing with a lot of different musicians, different projects, etc. He's an inspiration. [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]
  3. AV 62 strat ri Framus 412 vintage 30 Pedaltrain jr hc Marshall jtm45 ri ... Maybe Fulltone Supatrem.
  4. me too, but i do use the competition as an excuse to do some spring cleaning on the board. Me too, I've been gigging with it for the last 3 months, even when I have 4 other nice pedals offboard I feel like making a photo of my gigging one.
  5. I'm a "new school" fan, I like "Sky blue sky" a lot. I'm a Nels Cline fan, I love his work, I love his work with Wilco, and now, I like Wilco too. I think the dvd is great, and I like the fact that Brendan Canty is involved.
  6. Yes. I like to see what they're using, specially when they're good players with great guitar or bass sounds. Sometimes I get surprised about the simplicity of their boards, other times I get surprised about the great amount of pedals they need... But, the guys from the other bands come and ask me about my pedals too, so...
  7. Presence +1 Coda -1 Led Zeppelin - 14 Led Zeppelin II -12 Led Zeppelin III - 12 Led Zeppelin IV - 11 Houses of the Holy - 12 Physical Graffiti - 13 Presence - 12 Coda - 8 The Song Remains the Same -10 BBC Sessions - 9 How the West Was Won - 12
  8. yeah {censored} that disco ball. hardcore. After that you could see some people bleeding (nothing serious) and laughing at the same time. So cute. That was a great show.
  9. Go. I always enjoy their shows. Madrid, some time ago: [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]
  10. I had a micro pog, too digital to me (but interesting machine if that's what you're looking for...). If you want it analog: Foxrox Octron, I looove it. It's a keeper (and the octave down is amazing with 412 cab).
  11. Beautiful. I want one. Even a black one. Even a new one. (it's so hard to find a used one... )
  12. Yep, exact same size/dimensions and the screwholes are in the exact same spot. Works like a charm! I've got on one with my PT JR. ("upgraded" from a DC brick) That's what I wanted to hear! The BBE has just arrived Europe (I think...), so it's time for an upgrade. It's a pitty it can't handle the nova delay, though... But, nothing's perfect.
  13. Thanks! If both bbe and voodoo lab have the same height I think I can manage to do it (with a friend of mine who likes to drill , I'm not great at these kind of things). You know, there's a big difference in price, and I don't need the sag function, so... How do you compare these two units?
  14. Hi! There's another thread about the BBE supa-charger (http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2246963&highlight=bbe+supa+charger) I have 1 question: Will the bbe supa-charger fit underneath my pedaltrain jr (new model, big holes and brackets) like the voodoo lab? I can't find the height, etc, in the bbe web in order to compare them with the voodoo lab ones. Any experiences? Thanks!
  15. Fulltone supa-trem. Waaarmmm... Test it. It's not cheap, but it's great. Trimmers inside, etc.
  16. I'm going to buy a reverb and a volume pedal. My thoughts: Reverb: hardwire or verbzilla, but I can get a really good deal on a reflector, and I don't want to spend a lot on this, I can't see myself playing a lot with reverb, maybe one or two different settings and that's it. Volume: my bass player uses an ernie ball jr and he's happy with it, but I'm considering the Fender Volume Tone: it's cheaper, and I'm curious about the tone function.
  17. ive never tried the tuna melt, but i've jammed with guys that have had it and it always sounds good. At first my only issue with the tuna melt was the little on/off switch. You can easily fix that "glueing" a strap button to it: Bizarre, but effective Finally I have had to rehouse it due to the fact that the bottom plate got loose... so yes, plastic, but great pedal.
  18. Bad Monkey. Awesome. 4 different amps, it always make it. (Amazing with tube amps, level up, gain down). GCB95. I don't want any other wah. Tuna Melt. I have had to rehouse it, great pedal though. OC2. I don't know if this is unpopular, but you can find it used cheap and it's a great octaver.
  19. :love:I'm in love with this strat. I got the same one. Pics:
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