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  1. it's a '66 vox cab with a pair of '68 greenbacks... the orange 2x12 has a pair of celestion gold's in it I would love to test those two cabs... I've played recently through a Marshall 412 with greenbacks and I loved it.
  2. Nels Cline. I love his philosophy, playing with a lot of different musicians, different projects, etc. He's an inspiration. [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]
  3. AV 62 strat ri Framus 412 vintage 30 Pedaltrain jr hc Marshall jtm45 ri ... Maybe Fulltone Supatrem.
  4. me too, but i do use the competition as an excuse to do some spring cleaning on the board. Me too, I've been gigging with it for the last 3 months, even when I have 4 other nice pedals offboard I feel like making a photo of my gigging one.
  5. I'm a "new school" fan, I like "Sky blue sky" a lot. I'm a Nels Cline fan, I love his work, I love his work with Wilco, and now, I like Wilco too. I think the dvd is great, and I like the fact that Brendan Canty is involved.
  6. Yes. I like to see what they're using, specially when they're good players with great guitar or bass sounds. Sometimes I get surprised about the simplicity of their boards, other times I get surprised about the great amount of pedals they need... But, the guys from the other bands come and ask me about my pedals too, so...
  7. Presence +1 Coda -1 Led Zeppelin - 14 Led Zeppelin II -12 Led Zeppelin III - 12 Led Zeppelin IV - 11 Houses of the Holy - 12 Physical Graffiti - 13 Presence - 12 Coda - 8 The Song Remains the Same -10 BBC Sessions - 9 How the West Was Won - 12
  8. yeah {censored} that disco ball. hardcore. After that you could see some people bleeding (nothing serious) and laughing at the same time. So cute. That was a great show.
  9. Go. I always enjoy their shows. Madrid, some time ago: [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]
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