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  1. Not sure, but having wiggled the pot around a bit I thought it wouldn't hurt to strip the wire and freshen up the connections
  2. A happy ending! I removed the Level pot, sprayed some contact cleaner in it, resoldered the connections and voila! TONE! Thanks for the input, guys
  3. Standard 'reissue', bought new around 2005 in Canada. As soon as I got home (UK) it started playing up. Level pot has a pronounced kick around the 3 o clock position, too. I'm thinking there might be a solder fault somewhere, or the switch needs replacing. 'Mr Grumpy' says buy a new one, not sure about that. I've lost count of the pedals I've had since 1975 when I started playing. This is the only one that has gone wrong.
  4. It's on, albeit with low output, even when the 'on' light is off, and makes an ear splitting high pitched whistling sound which gets louder when I unplug the input. To say it is not helping with my tone is something of an understatement.
  5. I’ve had loads over the years, first one was a Boss Dr rhythm in the early 80s Last one I bought was a Zoom RT 223 . I still use it triggered off my V Drums but forgot how to program it years ago
  6. Not a bad thing IMO but you can make it a minor by extending the index finger 355333 or a major by applying the middle finger 355433
  7. I like to play G as 355033: thumb, ring, pinky, open, index x2, so the root note can drone around the changes as you move the shape up and down the fret board.
  8. I learned on one of these [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"edp_wasp.jpg?itok=L5-anlBj.jpg","data-attachmentid":32329603}[/ATTACH] ...can't believe they go for 1500 bucks + nowadays
  9. Yes, I remember when they merged the SSSPP and shoe-horned the political content from OJ into it... beginning of the end of the golden age IIRC Lee Flier was PP admin then, followed by Anderton, or was it the other way round ?
  10. Back in the rave days I spunked a stupid amount of money on a reconditioned ARP 2600 and an Akai S1100 to sample it with... wasted untold hours twiddling and didn't write a single tune worth a damn
  11. I must have been out on a ban when that went down. Was that before or after Stratcat? he was cool
  12. I remember when Goldtop was a mod... and when he got zoinked by Lee Flier. Golden times
  13. I used to have one of those, and a SH-2 which was like a 2 oscillator version with sub bass, wicked sounding synth. In some ways I regret getting rid of my analog synths but my hearing has gone now so I can't really tell the difference between the real thing and modelling VST's anyway.
  14. If it had been up to Macca the Beatles would have never quit touring. He's very comfortable on stage. That said, he was the least compelling to watch of the four, to my eye.
  15. Guitar tone comes from the guitarist, and is usually discernible regardless of the quality of the production.
  16. ^^ Indeed, but it's not my personal best (or worst)... I went from 1988 to 2001 without playing a show
  17. ^^ We're thinking of putting on a show at a punks' reunion in our home town in a month or so. When we rehearse we mostly play new wave stuff like the Clash, Pistols, Ruts, Damned, etc
  18. It went ok. Last time I played with the guitarist was 1979. Old classics by T Rex, Bowie, Roxy, Iggy, Velvets, Beatles, Cream, Free, etc. Nothing too fancy. A lead guitar player joined us for the 2nd set and played some solos.
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