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  1. Not sure, but having wiggled the pot around a bit I thought it wouldn't hurt to strip the wire and freshen up the connections
  2. A happy ending! I removed the Level pot, sprayed some contact cleaner in it, resoldered the connections and voila! TONE! Thanks for the input, guys
  3. Standard 'reissue', bought new around 2005 in Canada. As soon as I got home (UK) it started playing up. Level pot has a pronounced kick around the 3 o clock position, too. I'm thinking there might be a solder fault somewhere, or the switch needs replacing. 'Mr Grumpy' says buy a new one, not sure about that. I've lost count of the pedals I've had since 1975 when I started playing. This is the only one that has gone wrong.
  4. It's on, albeit with low output, even when the 'on' light is off, and makes an ear splitting high pitched whistling sound which gets louder when I unplug the input. To say it is not helping with my tone is something of an understatement.
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