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  1. If I don't sell my Gibson Les Paul studio I may not get either, but I am trying to decided on one of two options: 1) Hamer SATF - used - one or two very small scrapes - made in Korea. Has the stock humbuckers. $260 2) Reverand Jetstream. Made in Korea. - new. about $400 on clearance. HAMER: I have kind of been wanting a Hamer since I have seen a couple posted in the last couple months. I like the double cut body style. A MIA is out of my budget. MIK is probably next best option. Some people say to swap out the PUP's are a must. Others say the stock is fine. REVEREND: I have kind of been intrigued with Reverends since I saw a demo of a Reverend Volcano. Very impressed with the demo, but V guitars are just not comfortable for me. The two models that appeal to me are the Warhawk, and Jetstream. But I have never played any Reverend. The Jetstream has a long 25 1/5 inch scale, which concerns me a bit, but is not a deal breaker. The upside is that I think the PUP's s/b fine, and I would have no plans to swap them out. Don't know how much it matters, but I tend to play blues/hard rock/classic rock, stopping short of metal. So....what do you guys think? - w
  2. SCHISMED +1 He paypal-ed me quickly on a payment for my Garagemaster. Thanks Schismed! - w
  3. A+ for Townsend. Came thru with a Boss effects box for me. Thanks - you're a good man and a scholar, Thanks and good luck in England. - W
  4. A+ for Orange Jackson. Came thru quickly with PUP's for me. Thanks Bud! - w
  5. A+ for buckethead99. He was true blue and honored our deal on his Jaguar. I got the Fender within 2 days of payment. - w
  6. +1 for Mazi Bee. Got me his White Epi SG 400 as described. Thanks Mazi Bee! - w
  7. +1 for DRAWDEEP. Said he was interested in my Epi SG400 - came thru with payment the next morning. - w
  8. Here are the FIRST ACTS - Garage Master in White, the VE591 in Grey...
  9. Woody_in_MN, Nice Rogue. Did you put the natural neck on that white HH. Looks great. The white came with a natural neck. - W
  10. This thread has my name all over it. I guess I just have been so busy that I just discovered it. Over the last few months my favorite cheap guitar has been the Rogue HH. The one below is white - before Christmas I got myself a natural finish one as well. The new entries that are giving the Rogues a run for the money are mid-level First Acts. I have the VW garage master - I play that more than anything else right now. And I just picked up a First Act VE591 that I like almost as much. (pics on those to follow.) I have had a couple Xavieres - but for some reason just did not bond with them. - w
  11. Howdy, I have my eye on a couple other guitars, so something has to go. I never thought I
  12. I thought MF had a 45 day return policy. You'll be losing money if you sell it. I don't have the original packing anymore. UPDATE: I adjusted the neck, like the guitar better. I will be keeping the Yamaha. Sorry. - W
  13. This accoustic is just not my cup of tea. I bought it just a few weeks ago from MF. I will sell at $85 shipped. UPDATE: WITHDRAWN - I AM KEEPING THE YAMAHA.
  14. I just got this ESP M50, but for some reason, it is not a very comfortable guitar for me. This is a blem. The blemish is a cut about an inch and a half long just up from the bridge on the edge of the body. I sanded, and repainted, and I think it came out pretty nice. There is also a nick at the head, which I also repainted. This has really nice, sound, and pretty decent PUP's. I did a setup on the truss, and bridge, and it plays pretty nice. I'm looking to get about what I have in it - $135 plus shipping. I expect shipping would be around $20-25 in the US. Only US shipping please. Email me if interested. bkail@comcast.net. Probably not interested in a trade, but you can try me. Thanks, - Woody
  15. I'm really surprised that people have not rated this Squir higher. I was looking for a starter guitar. I looked at LP Epiphones, Peavey's, new fenders, and other Squiers. There was a Mexican Fender Stratacaster that was in the ball park, but this Squier I bought from a pawn shop was the easiest to play of the six or so makes/models I tried out. I played the Squier for about 20 minutes on a amp in the pawn shop, and got lost in the sound. By varying the pickup ,mix/tone, the Squier can be very expressive. I'm surprised people have not give this strat clone 8 - 10's.
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