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  1. I got a new Epiphone Les Paul Junior in Sunburst for $89 plus tax. It was to be a door buster, but I actually was able to get the deal on Wednesday, as I told the sales guys I would be traveling on Friday. Sorry no pics yet. - W
  2. +1 for NEWBUILDER. Came through with a lethal OLP Axe. He is one of the good cowboys down there in Texas. - w
  3. *** GIBSON MELODY MAKER $450/offer*** I am selling my Gibson Melody Maker. This is the single coil model. This came as the "worn" version which looked like it had been painted with whitewash and a broom. I painted it more of a pure white color. I think the re-painting came out pretty nice. These were on clearance a while back. I really don't remember what exactly I paid for it. These seem to be selling on eBay for like $500 and up. If someone wants it for $450 shipped conus - or in that ball park - that would work for me. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, - w
  4. *** FIRST ACT w/ SHEENA P90's $75 SHIPPED *** Price dropped...I got this not too long ago, and liked it so much I dropped Sheena Alnico P90's in it - BUT - I bought a OLP from a forumite, and something has to go. This is a really good player - seriously! I think this is a fair price cause I got this on clearance for like $65 delivered - plus I think the P90's are worth about $40 -$50 - plus my work on setting it up - plus shipping. If you have an offer in mind - please shoot me a PM. Note: The pics show the original PUP's - not the Sheena P90's Thanks, - W ps - previous post deleted.
  5. +1 for MIND_RIOT. Came thru with GFS PUP. Very responsible trader. Thanks, - W
  6. I love double cuts - I love reverands - and I love the color. Triple win! HNGD - w
  7. I'm not a strat player - but I like it. Especially the metallic grey color. HNGD - w
  8. *** EPIPHONE LP100 $225 SHIPPED *** I bought a OLP from a forumite, and need to make room. Epiphone LP100 offered at $225 shipped CONUS. There is a couple nicks on the edge - but I think I did a good job of touching those up so they are not very noticeable. (I can send detailed pics of the nicks for those seriously interested.). For an additional $20 I can throw in a pretty nice musicians gear deluxe gig bag. Please PM me with your offer. Thanks, - w
  9. *** PEAVEY BANDIT 75W - REDUCED to $99 *** I'm dropping the price on my Peavey Bandit 75W to $99 plus actual shipping. This is my last price drop before it goes to eBay. New Pics: Please PM me if interested. (Previous post deleted.) - W
  10. +1 for JMGRUBER. He came through with a set of Lola PUP's for me. Thanks! - W
  11. *** DUNCAN DESIGNED HUMBUCKERS $25 *** I have both bridge and neck PUP's off of my Hamer SATF. These are HB103's. I thought they were OK, but a little noisy. If you want to give them a whirl - $25 for the set shipped CONUS. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, - W PS - original post deleted.
  12. +1 for Brandass. Came thru quickly with Lola PUP's when I needed them. - W
  13. *** PEAVEY BANDIT $150 *** I have an older Peavey Bandit 75W that I just did some cosmetic refurb on. Asking $150 plus actual shipping. Prefer doing a local deal - but will ship. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, - W
  14. LOOKING FOR LOLA or GFS PUP's. Let's talk if you got something. PM me. - W
  15. *** FS GIBSON GIGBAB $40 SHIPPED *** This is used in good condition - but there is some signs of wear. It is large in size. The exterior dimensions are 43" x 19" at the widest point. $40 Shipped CONUS. PM me if interested. Thanks, - W
  16. I'm not big on hollow bodies - but that looks nice. HNGD. - W
  17. +1 for Steve_Man. Came across quickly with a Morley ABY box when I needed one. Thanks, - W
  18. A+ for mhn433. I bought her set of P90's. Qucik shipping. - W
  19. A+ for DRIVELIKEJOEWHO Came through with payment on my Lola as he promised. Good communications. - w
  20. Update: The Jetstream I was looking at was on a blow out on eBay. I thought it was Black, but it is Flame Maple, which I can not warm up to. I did sell the Gibson, but I am going to hold off on another purchase for now. - w
  21. Two different guitars with different tones,how bout one of each:thu: Finally a logical answer. BTW - The votes for "See a Professional" seems to be growing. - w
  22. I feel the same way about the MIK Reverend. In fact the one in your photo was mine. That old photos still floating around? Played nice. Sounded nice, I just never bonded with it. Sold it to snoman97 and I don't think he has it anymore. At least its not in his sig. Sterile is a good term. I did a search for pics on google - cause someone wanted them. It was pure chance I got yours. - W
  23. I went with 'See a professional...' The LP is a damn nice guitar. I can only speak for myself here. But I actually am seeing a therapist about this. I have way too many guitars and I can always find a way to justify another one. But I have to stop. This is self destructive behavior. Playing is more important than owning. I had to stop myself from buying a Hamer this morning when I saw the MusicToyz blowout sale. I'm still fighting those GAS pains. I put that 'see a professional' out there kind of tongue in cheek. But its something I have actually have thought about. Guitars are about the only hobby that I throw money at. We all have to asses this on our own, but my collection has not got me into financial trouble, has not damaged my relationship with my wife, and if I acquire someting, something goes. I have actually gotten a little better in my dealing and am not losing as much money in my trades as I used to. It helps of a person can be a little patient in selling. But if its causing problems, then its worth analyzing. Thanks for the posts guys. EDIT: I made the decision to sell the Gibson before I thought of acquiring something else. The Gibson LP Studio is a superb instrument, but I just don't play it. For me, this is a lot of money to have tied up in a guitar that I don't play. - w
  24. i've got a reverend dealer by me, they're real nice and have a good feel. sound pretty good, too, and i dig their bass contour thing. i give them props for being one of the few companies who're actually doing their own thing body shape and electronics-wise (except the lp-ish one i guess) personally i'd go with the reverend, if not just because they're made out of korina, which gibson, prs, hamer etc seem to want to charge you quite a bit for. guess i'm a bit biased though... I agree. I respect them for trying to be original. - W
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