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  1. Not to bust your balls but those nanokeys are only $37.50 shipped from Amazon.
  2. Really? They're only $14 from GC.
  3. No thanks on the onespot.. I've actually already got one. I'll keep that dunlop dc brick in mind. Just a hint: the DC brick doesn't have isolated outputs. It's the same thing as using a one spot but in a metal casing.
  4. Got a Cutec Flanger with no battery leads for $20 + shipping. Sounds good but I've never seen the brand anywhere else.
  5. Why would you replace analog delay with digital? Pair them up. Pro tip: The DE-7 is digital, too.
  6. I saw one for $120 and bought one later that week for $100. Seems like the going rate is around $150 without a footswitch.
  7. What's with the Crate? Why $20 more than they were new?
  8. I don't want any pedals, but I do need a camera. What camera are you using? Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS. It's a nice point and shoot, but any camera in macro mode will look like that.
  9. rawk out

    9V adapters

    9VDC 100mA. I bought a bunch from a friend and only used half of them. There are 8 left, all unused. $5 each, or 3 for $10 + shipping.
  10. The circuit board is tiny- you may have better luck buying a regular style casing and putting the guts in it. Just a thought since I'm guessing empty fuzz face casings are rare.
  11. For what it's worth, stripping the casings is probably a waste of time. Your paint will likely adhere better to the casing if you just lightly sand the top coat of paint that's already on there. Taking it down to a bare casing then priming and painting isn't necessary unless the pedal is all chipped up.
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