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  1. Not to bust your balls but those nanokeys are only $37.50 shipped from Amazon.
  2. Really? They're only $14 from GC.
  3. No thanks on the onespot.. I've actually already got one. I'll keep that dunlop dc brick in mind. Just a hint: the DC brick doesn't have isolated outputs. It's the same thing as using a one spot but in a metal casing.
  4. Got a Cutec Flanger with no battery leads for $20 + shipping. Sounds good but I've never seen the brand anywhere else.
  5. Why would you replace analog delay with digital? Pair them up. Pro tip: The DE-7 is digital, too.
  6. I saw one for $120 and bought one later that week for $100. Seems like the going rate is around $150 without a footswitch.
  7. What's with the Crate? Why $20 more than they were new?
  8. I don't want any pedals, but I do need a camera. What camera are you using? Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS. It's a nice point and shoot, but any camera in macro mode will look like that.
  9. rawk out

    9V adapters

    9VDC 100mA. I bought a bunch from a friend and only used half of them. There are 8 left, all unused. $5 each, or 3 for $10 + shipping.
  10. The circuit board is tiny- you may have better luck buying a regular style casing and putting the guts in it. Just a thought since I'm guessing empty fuzz face casings are rare.
  11. For what it's worth, stripping the casings is probably a waste of time. Your paint will likely adhere better to the casing if you just lightly sand the top coat of paint that's already on there. Taking it down to a bare casing then priming and painting isn't necessary unless the pedal is all chipped up.
  12. I've got a few but shipping across the US probably isn't going to work in your favor.
  13. Yeah I'm curious on the price for the guard/rear plate (both loaded and unloaded). How is that image on there? I'm thinking I'd like it better if it was aged to match the electronics on there right now.
  14. I'll take PayPal, just add .3% for the fee. Protip: Paypal charges 3%, not .3%.
  15. It looks better like this Yep- that's why I've got a loaded black pickguard waiting. Just need the guitar now.
  16. Dudes, that's what Craigslist is for:) I have better things to do than search all 5 sections of craigslist MA, cl RI, CL Maine, CL NH, and however many sections of CL Connecticut.
  17. Post up some USA strats with maple necks. Edit: Just found one!
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