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  1. {censored}ing cocks. Keep your cocks out of my winning. How long do I win for?
  2. I have a 70's SF MV Twin. I have everything on 10 except channel/master volume with the bright off. I turn the bright on for buckers, off for singles. The Twin is the ONE amp I've had that I haven't even THOUGHT about selling.
  3. http://www.singlecoil.com/docs/magic-six.pdf That's neat.
  4. Who let the dogs out? Chuck Norris let the dogs out... and then roundhouse kicked them through an Oldsmobile.
  5. I dug the XXL when I played it, but I personally think it costs a bit much. I've never played a XXX, or messed with the faceplate, so I can't tell ya. That XXL onwingsoflead posted is fucking SEXY!
  6. I couldn't disagree more. I think this amp sounds great. I have the RG60. It's light weight has a 12" speaker with an effects loop. With other amps I would have had to pay for a 2 12 to get an effects loop. Weird. Anyway I think the tone is tight and punchy. It also has a very nice clean channel. I have noticed that my ESP sounds better on this amp than my Ibanez. Its often a case of the right combination of guitar amp and effects to get the best tone for yourself. Here is a link of some samples. Judge for yourslef. http://boomp3.com/visitor/d707d55e6c5e/files That sounds pretty cool... but the "heavy rhythm" track isn't even remotely heavy. Chuck Berry is NOT heavy metal. I really dig the clean clip.
  7. Being as I'm trying to downsize my rig, I'm in need of a good grindy distortion pedal. The Dime Distortion caught my eye and seems it would be perfect for me, as I'm a pretty huge Dime fan and that's the sort of metal tone I'm after these days. (hence the RG100es) Would this distortion box be good enough to gig with (ie: reliable, not too feedback happy, cuts through, etc)? Also buying a Bad Monkey, but that's for light crunch which I know NOTHING about, just need it for my blues rock band. Thanks.
  8. is that really the consensus that a 5150 is and SLO clone?! i have never heard that before and god i hope a 2500 dollar amp doesnt sound anything like a 5150. but i doubt it. They don't really sound that much alike... the bass center is kind of similar but the rest of the amps are completely different... Everyone says the 5150 was and is a SLO clone.
  9. the reason why i bash it is because anyone who has the 5150 and who enjoys it believes that it is the greatest amp of all time. no other amp ever made will be as good as their 5150. for high gain, they're the most perfect amp ever conceived. they don't hear this frequency that i do, and so they claim that 5150's don't have any fizz. i mean, yeah, defend your gear, but don't be so blinded by it that you can't grasp the actuality of things. the 5150 is not the end-all-be-all of high gain amplification, it never has been, it never will be. the sooner people realize that, the better place this world will be. there are amps out there that do the job better. yes, you will be paying more for them, but as the phrase goes, "you get what you pay for". don't get me wrong, i take offense to people bashing my gear, but i also have a clear idea as to where my gear stands in the whole scheme of things. *prepares for flame war* I understand that... and I know that NO amp is an end all be all amp, and I also hear the fizz you're speaking of... but I for one LIKE that fizz... But, I can also understand why someone would hate it... Steve, I'm just trying to figure out why he bashes 5150s so much, and I thoroughly understand that now. I thought he just hated them because they were supposedly an SLO clone... Which they actually don't sound much like...
  10. you want me to find something about the 5150 that i like? this is going to be ground breaking... are you ready for it? nothing. i'm joking. i like the fact that it doesn't cost alot of money, and for metal and all that, it gets the job done. the tone out of 5150's isn't that bad, but there's this inescapable higher frequency that overwhelms the tone by way of fizz. everything else about the tone i don't mind too much, but yeah, if i had a spectrum analyzer hooked up to a 5150, i could show you which frequency i'm talking about. It's in between 6-12k, right? Almost ALL Peaveys have that... some more than others. It doesn't bother me, though. I like some fizz, just a little, and the 5150/6505 has just about the right amount, but it's mid voicing is kind of weird compared to other amps in it's price range... I understand WHY you hate it, I just don't understand why you bash it so much.
  11. not true. i like the penta, the windsor, their semi-hollowbody ES335 style guitars. i don't mind the valveking. they have decent PA gear, their cabs are built well, etc. i actually like alot of peavey gear. the only thing peavey that i despise is the 5150/6505. Sheffields are 5150 related, so you hate them. It's not good to entirely hate something. There HAS to be an aspect of the 5150/6505 that you like, admit it. I mean, I understand not liking something, but the amount of 5150 bashing you do is INSANE. That's probably half of your post count. Personally, I think SLOs aren't my thing... I even owned one for 6 months last year... I don't hate it, it does what it does very well... but I don't entirely hate it... and you don't see me bashing it all over the place. But, you're right... Peavey doesn't make very good speakers.
  12. i think they're absolutely terrible. You think everything Peavey is terrible. Hence, your opinion means nothing.
  13. congrats Homer tell it to some real people P.s i hope she enjoys your brothers cock Hey, bitch? I hope you enjoy your father's cock. Do you think talking {censored} about someone's divorce is {censored}ing moral? You fail. Go down a juicebox you {censored}ing tween. Sorry bout ya luck, Tube.
  14. Post. And my count goes up for another useless post. Wee.
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