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  1. I play different styles, from folk-rock to lo-fi indie to blues, and this pedal has seen me through all of those. If it got stolen I'd seriously consider getting a new one, though it might prove a little difficult since the Line6 pedals seem to be few and far between here in Estonia. When buying it, I compared it to several Rocktron and Boss pedals, most of which had "zombie", "death" or something to that effect in their names. I chose the Crunchtone because it offered the most variety of sounds, and because I didn't need a high-gain pedal anyway. Since then I have found myself occasional
  2. Just a follow-up to my previous review. When I said this: "I measured its power consumption, and got 45 mA in bypass mode and 60 mA when disengaged." I of course meant 45 mA in bypass mode and 60 mA when switched on.
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