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  1. I switched from nickel wrapped to stainless steel(10-46). They sound warm and bright. Seem to wear well too
  2. I didn't either but your thread sparked the idea. Our bass played used to sing this song and I always wondered what the heck does he mean,"Will it go round in circles will it fly high"? Hmm, a record goes round in circles and will it fly high to the top of the charts without being sued. Preston worked with Harrison on My Sweet Lord and released his own version in '69? Harrison was sued for My Sweet Lord in '71. Will to go round in circles was a hit single in "73
  3. Billy Preston's song "Will it go round in circles" may have been about all the copyright issues back in the day I got a song that ain't no melody, I'm gonna sing it to my friends I got a song that ain't no melody, I'm gonna sing it to my friends Will it go round in circles, will it fly high like a bird up in the sky Will it go round in circles, will it
  4. yes and now listening to children of the future the recording quality is so so
  5. lol yeah i also liked Steve miller's children of the future don't know if that holds up haven't listened to it in decades
  6. That space is where I get the impact, it's energizing and relaxing
  7. My fav live recording is Joni Mitchell's Miles of Isles. In the Studio Pat Methey's Off Ramp Miles Davis Blue Kind of
  8. Faunt school of Music. Played bass with some noteables Chick Corea. https://www.discogs.com/artist/401733-Jamie-Faunt
  9. Is that a quote from Jamie Faunt? I took lessons with him and that was one of his key ideas; learn to disappear the beat. Also being able to create a flam with the sound of the metronome and your muted string pluck.
  10. Yes I just started practicing without a metronome 16th notes at 150bpm. It's much easier to feel the pattern of notes without the click. Just two bars with one beat of 16th notes.
  11. Great idea,my Hummingbird pro sounded terrible straight into amp so i'm going to try this with my iPad running it into a guitar amp head and 4x12 cab.Using an Eq from maybe amplitube. Thanks for posting this
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