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  1. imma go ahead and make the rule that KSEfan can't win. ever. proof is in his actions. and i win.
  2. Are you sure you don't wanna trade? I could give you a ton of gear for it... :poke:
  3. nodachi

    FS-CAE OD100 SE+

    dude, if i had the money, id buy everything you sell.
  4. ive got a razorback i'd be willing to trade for your LK. I live in Northern VA, so I'm not that far away either. gimme a PM if you're interested.
  5. I don't wanna be mean, but your price isn't worth it. I realize that this guitar is brand new and you added some pickups to it, but a brand new DK2M from a dealer is only $600...
  6. nodachi

    WTT: Krank Rev 1

    i like the fireball's tone, but i dunno if it'd be loud enough. the other guitar player in one of my bands has a 5150II and its damn loud, i dunno if the FB could keep up. dude, seriously, the difference in wattage makes the db level difference negligable, volume goes only goes up as wattage goes up exponentially. unless that 5150 is at full volume and so is the fireball, there'd be little difference in volume, and you should never need to run those amps at those volumes.
  7. oh dude... i live in northern VA... i just bought a cobra, so i really don't have the money... would you want to trade anything for it?
  8. nodachi

    FS VHT Sig X

    Damn, dimebag, i'd love to get that meteoro, but I just bought a cobra...
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