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  1. Cash in hand for clean Roland M-SE1 string ensemble & M-OC1 orchestra.
  2. Jupiter 80.com directs me to Roland and from there an endless loop of topics but no downloads. I need the Jupiter 50 download not the 80. Can anybody send me this upgrade? Or a correct link ? thanks
  3. I'm looking to buy a Roland KS-J8 keyboard stand for a Jupiter 50 synth. Hopefully it will accommodate the same as the Jupiter 80/ thanks, J
  4. I'm wondering if there is anyone here that either has or can direct me to where I can obtain the Roland Jupiter Synth Legends volume 1 patches to add to my Jupiter 50 ? thanks, J
  5. Roland GR33 Guitar synth in the box with all paperwork /cable. I bought this earlier this year represented to me as NEW OLD STOCK from a closed store owner in Florida . Story goes the pickup was robbed from the box to warranty another in store, and the unit never sold. So unfortunately there is NO Gk2A pickup included. I have no doubt this is a new unit, smells and looks it. The unit works perfectly fine with my GK3 , so no worries about compatibility if you already have a synth pickup equipped guitar. That said, the synth works flawlessly and you will likely never find another for all intents brand new boxed one. I bought this because of the arpeggiator feature to run in tandem with my GR55 , via a Roland US-20, [ can't find a Wayne Joness unit ] but the volumes are dramatically different and I am not gonna play around trying to get them synced, etc. While in my possession the GR33 has been out of the box only to test it with the GR55, it works perfectly, if you are in S.E. WI, you are welcome to try before you buy, $ 325 FIRM takes it. If you want the US-20 added to the sale, tack on another $150 to the synth price, It's in excellent used condition. Had the previous owner not installed the velcro to the feet, I'd conservatively say it looks like new. PM me for additional pics info, but please be clear , I am not haggling on the price .
  6. I am extremely unhappy with the Beatbuddy. I am not using this device for practicing at home or as a backing instrument for a one man band show. My sole purpose for buying this pedal was to use it for pre-production recording work. I.E. , I'm putting a demo together that I can then present as a rough draft to the band , not only to stave off rehearsal time, but also so that they can work on the material before hand. The whole point is saving time & added convenience.For $300 plus with the optional foot switch and midi cable, one would think with all the array of musical beats and kits included , that BB would have incorporated a few simple bass drum snare beats WITHOUT an intro fill or at the very least, a quick way to remove them !! Further, there is nothing intuitive about this pedal, if I am am gonna go through the hassles of programming a pedal or writing patches for it , I will simply spend for a drum machine or computer drum product and be done with it.Beatbuddy, you may have fooled some musicians, but not me.I believe that the BB is nothing more than an elaborate toy, for the bedroom jammer.
  7. Is anyone using the GR55 in tandem with a second GR55 ?
  8. I'm looking for an '84-86 Project Project Soloist Custom or Student [no headstock breaks] I prefer a floyd , will consider a kahler. Must have Original case. I dont care about color or pickups, or what parts other than tuners are on it, this is going to be a synth guitar refin , revamp.
  9. I'm needing a clean '81 Kramer Pioneer bass case in brown.
  10. Wanted to buy, a clean Mesa F50 amp, prefer early version without the huge Mesa/Boogie logo. I am interested in any colors other than black. Head and 3/4 back cab or combo with matched 1x12 cab. Will consider a head with matched 4x10 cab as well. Just NOT BLACK. Cash in Hand today. Thanks for looking !!
  11. I'm looking for a minty Jackson JG2 50 watt head with matched Jackson 4x12 slant cab.
  12. I'm looking for a clean used or even NOS 80s Kahler comfort tip trem arm , maybe even the palm arm, and a 5510 pro flip top string lock in black chrome. any help is much appreciated. thanks,
  13. I am looking to re-unite with Jackson Soloist J0783 pink with plat sparkle , floyd rose trem.
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    Found one.
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