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  1. Yet I bet you're the first to complain when someone introduces splash screens asking you to buy, or DRM on game titles to protect their property. Right.... If I'm paying for software, I'll certainly read reviews. If it's free, it's disposable. If it's disposable, it's worthless. That's an idiotic way of looking at things. I worked in large data warehouse(I'm talking many terabytes of historical data) for major company(100,000 employees) that used free software for certain tasks. Ever use PuTTY? Its a free telnet client. Used it to connect to the Unix box. If you can't connect to the Unix box when a problem happens the entire operation can come to a halt. Lot of money at stake. Example of very important software thats free. FYI the program worked flawless. This is a ridiculous discussion. I'm not against anyone charging money for their music. Just don't be naive enough to think free = crap.
  2. It's not "just music". I pay for my music just like I pay for my software. Thats fine. I do as well. I also use tons of free software that is really good.
  3. I've downloaded quick-fix shareware software before. Either to add gain to some mp3s I'm taking to the gym or to try and rescue a file off a decaying hard disk. I can tell you that software stayed on my drive for little more than a single try. After that, gone. Worthless? You bet. So because you downloaded quick-fix shareware software before and didn't have luck with it that means free software is crap? You research the software first? Reviews? Still though, I know you'll never see the light. You carry on giving your music away for free, I'm sure it's worth every penny Im sure yours is as well. Most big artists post on this forum
  4. I refuse to read pages 2-6. If you give something away for free, people may make the unconscious, or conscious for that matter, association that what you are giving them is worthless. That is the most ridiculous theory I have ever heard. You're telling me people don't download free software? Explain to me why free music is worthless an free software is not(on an unconscious level)? I think musicians have to get off their high horse. You're not saving the world, its just music. If some guy can spend time writing a great program and distribute it for free then the same can be said for a band and their music.
  5. If I see a band giving away free music, I don't even give them a second thought. So thats you're criteria? You don't form an opinion of the music or read other reviews to at least give you some idea of the music? You just automatically look to see if its free or not? Are you that way with software as well? A company like AVG releases a free antivirus program that has great reviews, you're not give them a second thought because its free? How about free RAR extractors? Is that off limit as well? Sorry but the concept of "if its free it must suck and not worth my time" is idiotic.
  6. I would assume if you liked what was on my myspace / bandcamp etc you would buy it. That's what I do. I buy records by bands I enjoy. Right people do still buy songs they like. My point is you're going to get your music out to more people if they don't have to get their credit card out to purchase something, thats all. Its a retarded concept that if you charge money more people download it. If I release an mp3 ripper program, am I going to get more downloads/users charging $15 or for free? Im not against charging money I'm just telling you why some bands would release their music for free.
  7. Assuming you and your band spent time and money to make a record wouldnt you want an opportunity to recoup some costs? Who says anyone is going to pay for you're music? You're making the assuption a band has a following that is willing to pay for their music in 2010. f your record is available for free though what is the incentive for folks to buy the real thing? There is none. I'm just curious about this seemingly counter intuitive marketing plan. If you don't have an audience then giving away you're music is probably a better way to build one than not to.
  8. I assume since you mentioned micing up an amp, you already have some sort of interface for recording. If it's something quasi-permanent that you just leave set up (like my Mackie mixer into my Presonus interface), then you'd be very happy picking up one of the Tech 21 Character series pedals. If you don't already have the interface set up, though, this route might be more of a pain. I only mentioned it because I GREATLY prefer the sound of this over the sound of any digital multi I've heard or played. Nah I don't have an audio interface. Just was saying how much more of a pain it is to record when you have to mic it up and deal with the noise compared to doing everything DI ME-25 get's my vote. I picked up a used one for $125 just because it had a freeze function. I use the 38 sec looper a lot too. It also has USB record. It's *way* better IMO than the Tonelab ST. I compared them both because my friend had both offered up each to me for $125. ME-25 Looks pretty damn good and might be the best bet from what Im reading.
  9. http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-POD-Studio-UX1-with-POD-Farm?sku=250003 what up. your amps/effects are all on screen, but it's quick. I forgot about Line 6. Looks pretty decent. I was a little wary because I read problems with the more expensive version of that(UX2)
  10. Basically I wanted a very quick/easy(and reliable) way to record guitar ideas into a DAW. The whole idea of just using a Multi-Effects Pedal to do this made sense since I don't want to screw around with micing up an amp to record every-time. Just something low profile that gets the job done easy I wanted to get some opinions on using Multi-Effects pedal into PC via USB options. Keeping it under $200 what do you think are the best bets. I constantly read different problems with different brands in regards to actually getting them to work(record into the PC). Some that I have been looking at DigiTech RP355 DigiTech RP255 Vox ToneLab ST Boss ME-25 http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/effects/multi-effects/floor This would be into my Sony Vaio Laptop(Brand new, Windows 7 64 Bit, i7 intel)
  11. Garageband kept me entertained for 2 years - then I got Logic Studio and never looked back. Im messing around with Logic now. Seems to be more intuitive than Garageband for the most part. Feels like im using a "real" editing program....im coming from a video editing background an its much more in touch with that "pro" feel when editing songs with the interface. lack of features can be a benefit because you don't have as many post-production options. if you can't edit / filter you just re-record the track which results in better results faster. i was super prolific on my tascam 4-track and it all sounds great in retrospect. That is the amazing thing with technology. You mention tascam 4 track and it immediately got me thinking back 10 years ago to my high school days where thats what all home studios where running(Well there a few lucky guys with the 8 track tascam) And now something like GB is a standard program and its pretty amazing whats standard and free now when comparing it with what was available then.
  12. {censored}! That sounds like exactly what I need I'd love to use GarageBand, unfortunately that means paying out the nose for a Mac, which doesn't fit my regular computing needs. You get what you paid for with Apple. They don't sell cheap {censored}...its all high end computers and they are for the most part priced very reasonably. I think Apple's are worth the money and people never look at the intangibles of owning them(generally less headaches as far as overall reliability, runs Windows and OSX, resale values are great....try reselling a PC once you buy it). Theres always the "geniuses" out there that are going to try to break the secret info about about Apple... "What all those Apple customers don't realize is that their computers are using the same parts as the PCs! Those idiots are just paying much more for it! hehehehe..." Nice, but in reality Apple's are not overpriced, they just don't sell cheap computers. Compare them with PC of the same specs and you'll find them as cheap or cheaper in many cases. Personally I run a Mac Mini and a home built PC.
  13. GB can be fun to use, but feels like im editing with a fisher price toy at times
  14. Octavarium AND Scenes from a Memory. Both are awesome in different ways. The title track on Octavarium is an epic, in the classic sense. Scenes from a Memory really needs to be listened to from start to finish - the story is intense. Also, get the Score DVD. This is one of the few bands that are as awesome live as they are in the studio. The live performance of Octavarium, with an orchestra, is amazing. This is your chance to SEE Jordan Rudess play a Continuum and a vintage full-size Moog. John Petrucci plays with incredible precision, and he makes it look so easy. I was at that show...very cool. I still have only seen a few songs from the dvd though.
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