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  1. Garageband kept me entertained for 2 years - then I got Logic Studio and never looked back. Im messing around with Logic now. Seems to be more intuitive than Garageband for the most part. Feels like im using a "real" editing program....im coming from a video editing background an its much more in touch with that "pro" feel when editing songs with the interface. lack of features can be a benefit because you don't have as many post-production options. if you can't edit / filter you just re-record the track which results in better results faster. i was super prolific on my tascam 4-track and it all sounds great in retrospect. That is the amazing thing with technology. You mention tascam 4 track and it immediately got me thinking back 10 years ago to my high school days where thats what all home studios where running(Well there a few lucky guys with the 8 track tascam) And now something like GB is a standard program and its pretty amazing whats standard and free now when comparing it with what was available then.
  2. {censored}! That sounds like exactly what I need I'd love to use GarageBand, unfortunately that means paying out the nose for a Mac, which doesn't fit my regular computing needs. You get what you paid for with Apple. They don't sell cheap {censored}...its all high end computers and they are for the most part priced very reasonably. I think Apple's are worth the money and people never look at the intangibles of owning them(generally less headaches as far as overall reliability, runs Windows and OSX, resale values are great....try reselling a PC once you buy it). Theres always the "geniuses" out there that are going to try to break the secret info about about Apple... "What all those Apple customers don't realize is that their computers are using the same parts as the PCs! Those idiots are just paying much more for it! hehehehe..." Nice, but in reality Apple's are not overpriced, they just don't sell cheap computers. Compare them with PC of the same specs and you'll find them as cheap or cheaper in many cases. Personally I run a Mac Mini and a home built PC.
  3. GB can be fun to use, but feels like im editing with a fisher price toy at times
  4. Octavarium AND Scenes from a Memory. Both are awesome in different ways. The title track on Octavarium is an epic, in the classic sense. Scenes from a Memory really needs to be listened to from start to finish - the story is intense. Also, get the Score DVD. This is one of the few bands that are as awesome live as they are in the studio. The live performance of Octavarium, with an orchestra, is amazing. This is your chance to SEE Jordan Rudess play a Continuum and a vintage full-size Moog. John Petrucci plays with incredible precision, and he makes it look so easy. I was at that show...very cool. I still have only seen a few songs from the dvd though.
  5. Hey, can u upload a sample of both? I'm in the market for a new pedal and was thinking about an OD-3. I'd like to hear both and see how nice they sound for open chords. I have an epiphone les paul, and a Boss DS-1. It's an ok sound, it just doesn't have much variety. Record something if u can. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zanhr5G6U5o Heres a Brent Mason mod.
  6. Get your Blues Driver modded by Robert Keeley and don't look back. You're welcome. I haven't heard the Keeley mod in person. I recently just played the Analogman version and I was sold right away. Has a really full sound. I was a bit leery on the Keeley mod because I have read multiple people who didn't like it.
  7. Mine was in 1996 and was my first "real" guitar too. I replaced the neck pickup with a Lil59er and the bridge with some Hot Rails and have kept the buzzy single coil in the middle. I have been able to achieve tons of sound from this and the Lil59er mixed with the single coil have really created a nice vintagey Fender sound without the hum. I love the finish and how it plays. The only other guitar that has felt as nice in my hands was my friends Gibson ES 333. haha..thats funny. We are in the exact same boat. My bridge pickup is a Hotrails and neck is HS-3. Middle is also stock. I remember going over to the music store like a year ago and trying out some new MIA strats. I started playing them and I thought to myself "wow my Mexican Strat at home plays much better and it doesnt cost $1000". Granted the setup was crap and everything was stock, but still I left very unimpressed. And thats basically the reason I never upgraded yet...the benefits seem really low for the cost to upgrade since my MIM Strat is so broken in. I could see myself upgrading to something like a used G&L Legacy since everything I read about them is top notch...but then again I would need to play one that felt great.
  8. +1 I prefer my MIM Strat over any MIA Standard that I have played. The neck is the perfect shape and size for me. Try em out. They are cheap and pretty damn awesome. heh...I bought my MIM Strat new in 1995 for $300. It was my first "real" guitar and I saved up my hard earn money to buy it then. Though I modified it a bit, still to this day its my main guitar. It may not be the greatest sounding Strat in the world or have the greatest finish but I love the neck and its just light and easy to play.
  9. I have a AnalogMan Boss GE-7/Pro...better sound than stock for sure.
  10. I had band practice last night with my amp for the first time in a really long time and it just sounded terrible. It was thin, nasally and just unpleasant sounding, but I NEED an OD on my board. What's something that's the complete opposite, but on a budget? I think I might be in the same boat. I have a Keeley TS9 and seems a bit too much midrange sounding...I basically use it as the main OD for playing. Im going to try to fool around with some more settings before giving up including using a GE7 EQ but havent had too much luck. I do get an incredible amount of gain with the TS9 though. Strat/Hot Rail > TS9 > Classic 50 > Hotplate >Greenbacks When I set the amp really high like on 9 I start getting plenty of break up and the TS9 colors it in really nice. BUT the midrange is a problem(Hotrail pickup sure as hell dont help)...I need to figure out how to get a more full sound. I was thinking Analog Man Boss Blues Driver mod.
  11. question is who? i cant think of anyone, can you? Yushin Okami is the next logical fight for Silva. He holds a DQ win over Silva from 2 years ago. Other than that nobody comes to mind. Technically speaking they could bring Paulo Filho in from WEC. Down the road maybe Matt Lindland could bring a challenge. Other option is for Silva to move up to 205.
  12. I believe the dude that lost to Silva would have done better if he hadn't had to loose 20lbs in 5 weeks. That's a lot of weight to drop and still maintain your strengh, IMO. Nothing to do with it. Cutting weight for fights is a very routine thing for MMA fighters, especially guys coming from a wrestling base like Henderson. Its just water weight for the most part which they gain all it back after the weigh ins. Henderson had to drop about 12 lbs...fight night he was probably at 197 lbs. Anderson Silva weighs in at around 210-215 lbs at the start of his training camp. This fight showed how elite a guy like Silva is. Henderson came into the fight in good shape and won the first round. Second round showed how fast Silva can turn the pace up and overcome a top guy like Henderson.
  13. May need to adjust your volume becasue I didn't add compression Settings are with level at 12, lows at 3 oclock and highs at 12 and gain at 3 oclock at first, then I change em around. Delay is from a DD-2 File is about 6 min long... http://www.lightningmp3.com/live/67500-Track_01.mp3 Pretty cool. Im a bigger fan of OD and Tubescreamer tones for the most part but that is nice.
  14. Strat> Silverkiss (eq)>HM-2>Clean CLassic 50 I haven't tries the silver kiss after the hm-2 yet. Prolly will sound even better. Cool...Interesting you have the EQ before the pedal. I usually only do that with an EQ for Leads.
  15. My socks are blown away...I really thought I was buying a pile of {censored}...It surprised me for sure. Ran with an eq its even sicker. So far I like it alone though. Love this pedal. I have strat with a Classic 50 also. How are you actually running this thing? Are you cranking up the clean high to a break up and then kicking the pedal in? Are you running the pedal with the Lead channel? Also where do you have the EQ? FX Loop?
  16. if i were a non-audiophile iTunes using person.....how should i set my iTunes to import? A non-audiophile Itunes person should set it to MP3 encoder and the setting the bit rate from anywhere 192 kbps to 320 kbps. Though a non-audiophile person wouldn't be able to tell the difference between 320 kbps MP3 and a .WAV. A audiophile Itunes person would obviously use the AIFF or WAV settings as monkeyland uses.
  17. i don't know anything about the AAC/mp4 compatibility with other mp3 players, that part doesn't concern me really. His point really was just its better in general to encode your music from the get go with a format that can be played by anything(Which I agree). I think its easier in the long run...for example if you have 100 gb of music encoded with AAC and you want to play it with another MP3 player you now have to re encode 100 gb to MP3.
  18. what's the best file type to import songs as? i'm under the impression that .wav or .aiff is the best soundwise, but also large. do i have it right? If you can tell real difference between 320 kbps and .wav/.aiff then by all means use them. 99% of people won't notice especially considering what systems they are listening to the songs on. I sure as heck am happy with 320 kbps...actually most of the time I use VBR 256.
  19. Otherwise I have no use for distortion pedals, as I prefer natural valve amp distortion from cranking the amp's gain and master volume. So I take it you don't like the sound of SS amps and Dist pedals
  20. I run my Marshall completely clean, then use a boost to give it just a little bite. Then I add fuzz pedals BEFORE the boost. The boost comes last in my chain. Are you using the boost for solos or for the actual rhythm
  21. Personally, I think tubescreamers are way overhyped as far as OD capability. I had one and found it useful a clean boost for adding a little sparkle to my clean channel or driving another dirt pedal but never relied on it on its own for overdrive. I see. What do you use for your main OD? Blues Driver? Rat?(Im just looking at your sig)
  22. For him, I believe so. You can use OD pedals either way. For amps with nice distortion, they are often used to add a little bit more. For clean amps, they may provide all of the distortion. Ok right. I've been trying to experiment with my Peavey Classic 50 for OD sounds. I tried putting a hot plate in it and I cranked the clean channel up to 10 and I was getting a pretty decent breakup on the bridge pickup with a hotrails in Strat. I then put a Keeley TS-9 in front of that and I did get a very over the top tube od coming out. It was cool and I like the tone in general but sounded a bit thin(Even with Greenbacks). Im trying to figure out if I can fix that with a external EQ pedal or would a DS-1 sound more full.
  23. I was going through guitar geek website with different "star" setups and I was wondering when the artist has an Tube Screamer or DS-1 in the front are they using them by cranking up the amp to a slight break up and then using the pedals to color in? Take Randy Rhoads setup for example. Would the Marshall head be cranked up very high to a break up and then the MXR Dist Plus is essentially coloring the tone from there resulting in a very full sound?
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