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  1. I've been playing guitar for fun for about eight years now. I'm actually a college graduate in recording, so I am very picky about tone and getting good sounds, not as a guitar expert, but just as someone with good ears. The Traynor really fits the bill for me. I like having an amp that is really attractive and different from what everyone else has. As I said, I don't really use effects even though I crave a tube tremolo and I am considering adding a tap tempo delay. Other than that, I love sticking to the spring reverb. This amp is a great choice if you want to perhaps stray away from the Fender world. I don't know if they've changed over time, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the tone and versatility that this amp has to offer.
  2. I am 21 years old and have been playing since slightly before I bought the guitar which was about five years ago. I am just now at the stage where I am wanting a second, slightly more high end guitar to use as my more sacred instrument and keep my seagull as my all-purpose campfire/open mic/gigging kind of instrument. I really would cry if this were stolen because I have used it and grown with it for so long. A guitar really can be an attachment. Even though I now desire a bit more in a guitar sonically, I must say that the sound of the Seagull is unique and welcoming to me, which is why I will always want to keep it around. A guitar is, of course, always an objective item both sonically and visually, but I can tell you that anyone, either new or learning, who is looking for an instrument that will make them want to pick up the guitar and play, this is a really excellent choice. I cannot see how anyone could be unsatisfied with this instrument. My dad bought a seagull guitar a year before I did because he loved the sound of his friends seagull guitar. Any time I tell anyone I have a Seagull guitar they either tell me how many great things they've heard about them, or are intrigued.. and rightly so. As of now I am looking at some higher end guitars, and I hope to get a Martin.. but who knows, there are so great higher end Seagull guitars out there as well. Alright.. now finishing up reading your reviews and go play some guitar!!
  3. My main instrument is actually keyboards, but I still feel very strongly about great guitar tone and overall sound quality as I am going to school for recording technology. Right now, I have no need for anything more that this Traynor. I love it for both its simplicity and its great tone and versatility. One of these days I'll get ambitious and try switching tubes or maybe try another speaker. If it actually gets better than this, I will be truly amazed. If you are one of those people who was like me and started messing in the world of solid state amps and even cheap little tube amps.. do yourself a favor and get something like this. You will understand why electric guitar players do what they do.
  4. It's a lot of fun to play with. I like to have room for options and experimentation, and the pedal gives me just that. I just can't bring myself to dish out tons of dough for one little effect. Build quality and distortion leave the most to be desired. The screen is nice and bright and the pedals are just big enough to be useable. (have you seen that new tiny digitech pedal?? It's about half the size!!) So for the price, I am pretty satisfied. Yay digitech.
  5. cassnate6259

    Peavey Classic 20

    This thing is really a small beauty. I feel very lucky to have found it, and will probably keep it for quite some time. I think it could definately compete with a fender pro or blues jr. The classic amp line is the best thing Peavey has done.
  6. I gotta give 'em credit for making such an incredibly inexpensive pedal.. It worked for me when I was younger.. so hey, if you want something cheap, go for it.
  7. cassnate6259

    Zoom 2100

    It does a lot for the price.. and could be a great find. It's discontinued now, but I was glad to pick it up from an ebayer who had one for sale. The pedal has the same features as pedals like the Line 6 delay modeler, but is more limited. I wish it were easier to use and sounded better.. but for the price, I can't complain.
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