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  1. SOULKITCHEN HOTFOOT FUZZ ! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EBAY AUCTION ! Sorry for the blurry pics...i'll try to get some better ones ASAP. $119.00 (I'll refund shipping for forum members !) CLICK HERE FOR SOUND SAMPLE ! ( FIRST, EFFECT IS OFF...THEN HIGH GAIN FUZZ...THEN GUITARS VOLUME KNOB ROLLED BACK...THEN HIGH GAIN FUZZ AGAIN ! )
  2. Andy!! Howdy ! Just stopping by for a quick moment.... A quickie.
  3. AppState beat Michigan!!! What's the world coming to The world is just a little bit better place today because of that game ! You know what the best part is ? Top colleges pay BIG money to the little "warm up" teams like Appalachian State. App State probably made $250,000 - $350,000 today to play Michigan...AND THEY WON !
  4. Some people act as if it is some "Herculean task" to ignore Ice's threads and move to the next "What's the best overdrive" thread..... Seriously, move your eyes to the next thread down....it'll be ok.
  5. i like the sounds of that......but not the placement of the jacks and 9volt jack.... Actually, its a BIG space saver over having them on the back or sides. Use plugs with 90 degree angles, and you don't waste a bunch of "side" or "top" space.
  6. SOULKITCHEN MEZCAL FUZZ...made by me Sounds amazing... ONE OF A KIND ! Switchcraft / Alpha / TB / Ultrawhite LED / blah, blah blah....built to last. Internal trimpot adjusts the "spit" of the fuzz. Buy this for $109 SHIPPED in the USA ... or a bit extra "worldwide". I seriously don't mind keeping this one...its totally a killer pedal. PM me with trade offers. PAYPAL !!! You KNOW you want it. CLICK HERE FOR SOUND SAMPLE
  7. Word... back to the topic at hand.... more of Beavis's DIY information on the sagging battery simulator and such... http://www.beavisaudio.com/Projects/DBS/ Yep, thats a nice diagram of the VU implementation I mentioned early in the thread...it works cool, and makes settings easily repeatable. Beavis and Devi FTW !
  8. On the whole, I'd agree that this gizmo might have limited use, but like GRINGO LOCO said, occasionally it might be like flicking the magic mojo switch Especially considering its all of $5 to build. Maybe $10, depending on the enclosure.
  9. I use all the above and have starved them but tbh they sound crap Often times they do...but occasionally you'll find a pedal that they'll work wonders with.... Plus, sometimes glitchy "crap" is what you want
  10. i agree. it's a useless feature. unless you use fuzz pedals. or some time based effects, which can do some crazy cool things if starved for voltage. or some boosters, especially fet based, which can take on a, for lack of a better word, syrup-y overdrive character if starved for voltage.
  11. As crazy as it seems, I like to use a much higher value pot...it allows a larger range of voltage control.... If ya want to get "fancy", its easy to hook a VU meter to lug 2 and be able to monitor the voltage visually.
  12. You could call it the Human Chew Toy, or the Anal Spelunker, or the Mucous Sandwich or.... Anyway, when are we gonna do a beavloco pedal ?
  13. Sorta has a Nick Greer thing going on. C'mon Andy, big boxes are so yesterday! I need to start making the boxes giant sized ! HUGE ! something thats about the size of your pedalboard !
  14. Very cool finish. And if it a Gringo designed-fuzz, I know it is going to sound wicked good. it needs 4 switches on it though
  15. I'm stumped. I am literally oscillating between "love it!" and "hate it!". Congratulations. me too
  16. It looks a bit like the "Disease Box" that you built for me way back when. definitely similar.... hey...hit me up on a pm....
  17. That's a pretty original idea. I really like the look of the black paint against the bare metal of the pedal. Personally, I think that there is too much script on it and I am not crazy about the font. the "font" is my handwriting My suggestion (if it is possible): Take away the words "soul kitchen" altogether soulkitchen is my company...so it needs to stay and write the words "black matter" in that crazy black paint that is randomly splattered all over the rest of the pedal instaed of in white. But keep the control descriptions in white. that would be really cool...except the way the paint degrades is pretty much random...it would be awesome though,,,, But overall awesome idea and congrats on your new fuzz!! thanks...im always building something
  18. actually, its paint...chemically treated and hardened....its a PITA to do, but its an interesting look.
  19. I'll try to post clips in the next day or two....right now i'm more curious as to whether you guys like the look or not....
  20. Great pedal. I am picking up one this afternoon as a matter of fact. Malekko is a group of great people and their pedals sound amazing Now you're making me blush. You're gonna get Josh all excited too !
  21. SOULKITCHEN MEZCAL FUZZ I just built a few fuzzes that are un-{censored}ing-believable ! They are absolutely killer. As a result, there is one up on eBay right now, just waiting for you to fork over your cold hard cash ! These things have the "wall of sound' fuzz, but are smooth, and have tons of sustain. The eBay ad sounds like hype, but it isn't....I'm really excited about these, and I've built a few fuzz pedals in my time.... HERE'S A SOUND SAMPLE. http://cgi.ebay.com/SOULKITCHEN-MEZCAL-SILICON-FUZZ-HUGE-SOUND_W0QQitemZ330151221589QQihZ014QQcategoryZ41418QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  22. I JUST PUT THIS ON EBAY..... $.01 OPENING BID WITH NO RESERVE !!! YOU NEED A KICKASS VINTAGE BODY FOR YOUR NEW PROJECT ! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330150624818
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