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  1. Anyone here run a tonelab LE into the effects loop of a Marshall DSL401 or comparable and care to share there opinions? Need an alternative to my pedal board for rehearsal/smaller spaces. Thanks in advance. BFMB.
  2. Originally Posted by Jkater Indeed! And what the hell - you can all be reminded of how beautiful this is - it makes me ache i want one so badly.
  3. Time to bump this thread - more yammys, more yamaholics please!
  4. Originally Posted by Jkater Indeed! The one on e-bay has been shamefully beaten up. What moron would do this to such a fine guitar?!
  5. Originally Posted by bonerman Yes I did have a different name, I still hangout here a lot just dont post anymore. Except for these yammy threads and only to promote the yamaha guitars becasue I think they are so underrated. Spoken like a true Yamaholic!
  6. Originally Posted by Highway_61 ^^ The 102SD is a beautiful guitar. Every time I see one I want to buy it. Congratulations. I would like to solicit opinions about the Pacifica 412. What are the opinions about the PAC412, fellow Yamaholics? Very good, certainly worth a look if you are in the market for something stratty. The finishes on them are lovely. Don't know too much about the pups, but I believe the 412 is being discontinued as the 112 has been upgraded so much, so grab while you can.
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