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  1. Hey what's up? Been just living life. It's been awhile, eh? I'm all out of gear ATM but I will be looking for another Nitro as soon as I can get the funds. Hell, I don't even have a guitar right now. Pretty sad. One reason I have stayed away, these forums induce too much G.A.S. No funds + G.A.S. = me thinking bad thoughts.
  2. simbasa

    Rivera KR 7 head

    $1800.00 plus shipping. excellent condition. Only interested in Engl SE el34 or Diezel Herbert for possible trade deals. Also, I have a VHT D120 in excellent condition. I will sell it for 900.00 plus shipping
  3. simbasa

    FS/FT Rivera KR 7

    Hi guys- I'm in California Bay Area and yes it includes the headmaster footswitch. Just been playing it some and man, I hate to sell it but GAS has taken over. I'll probably regret it..... I see you have a good collection of amps now Chris. Nice.
  4. simbasa

    FS/FT Rivera KR 7

    Sorry never played the Ktre or the standard Knucklehead. This is a Knucklehead thats been tweaked for detuned frequencies and has more punch than the standard KR as well as more able in the bottom end, according to Rivera.
  5. That looks like my CL50 I sold to someone up in the Bay Area a couple of years back with the cover and no eq. That amp was great. Better than the CL100 with eq I had later. Bump for a great amp.
  6. If you know what this is then you also know what a deal you're getting. As new. I have all papers and original box plus extra tubes and I will throw in the Z-9 footswitch for an extra 90 bucks if you want it. They are always sold seperate. Prefer Bay Area sale but will ship in the USA. I have references here and on Rig Talk- Deathmonkey, Guitarted, Kurtstuff, RJMmusictechnology
  7. Well that's why your not getting metal tones your using a strat. If you pushing using any high output hum bucker's it would give some more juice. No, I have played it with humbuckers. It's not a metal voiced amp quite like the other Engls I mentioned. Morse had it designed to his specs. He doesn't play metal.....
  8. 1850 + shipping. As new. trades considered: Engl Invader 100. VHT Sig X. Bogner.... IMO this is NOT a metal amp like Invader, SE, Powerball,or Savage can do. Great crunch channel for AC/DC tones and the lead channel is smooth and alot of midrange tones from scooped to full on maxed out juicy mids. I think metalheads would be disappointed but it excels at rock/ hard rock. [/img] These are the heaviest tones I could get with a Yngwie strat Channel 3 on 'low gain' mode (it actually sounds smoother on high gain mode on channel 3) with low mid 2 on and high mid 1 on. Basically, a middle of the spectrum midrange tone. It goes lower and it goes higher on mids- which is a really cool feature and way more tone shaping than most amps. http://s124.photobucket.com/albums/p14/simbasa11/?action=view&current=thiswaytoYngwie2008_08_05_17_51_48.flv
  9. Offer sent...I'll take it. Sorry it's just sold on local Craigslist.
  10. OK, I got an offer from Kurtstuff- it's a bit low but he lives in my area and I have traded and sold with him before. So if no one makes me a better offer by Monday I will sell it to him. Smoking deal on a great amp. I will regret selling this one.
  11. Crap!!! I forgot to put up a pic. That's what happens to you when you spend a few days in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas does not always stay in vegas. Man, that place is crazy!!!!
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