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    The Ibanez Talman Is Back, With Duncan Pickups

    By HC News |



    The Ibanez Talman returns with new Seymour Duncan-loaded Prestige models. The TM1702 and TM1730 are available with your choice of Maple or Rosewood fretboard. The TM1702 has an APTR-1 (Alnico II Pro for Tele) Rhythm and Lead set, the TM1803 has an Alnico II Pro set with an SSL-2 Vintage Flat in the middle and the TM1730 has Five-Two single coils. 



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    It would have been even cooler if Ibanez had pick up options like the lipstick ones, the P90's and the humbuckers, instead of just going with a tele and strat style lay out. The originals for the 90's had some cool metallic color option too. The necks on the old ones were very comfy and fast. as are most Ibanez guitars are. Maybe down the road there will be more pickup options and a bigsby option.



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