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Hey. What do Y'all think of this?


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These are some friends of mine.


The drummer's name is Jeffrey Marc Henry "The Man with three first names" a.k.a. "12th gear" and is actually the drummer for my country band and also a guy I jammed with back in the 80's and early nineties in a hair metal band.


Ive known Todd Grubbs, the guitar player for decades.


Good guys.


This is heavy guitar oriented stuff so some might find it a little heavy for your tastes, but if you are into this style, give these guys a listen on their myspace page. They have some really cool stuff with a wider variety of songs than just these two.


These were recorded live.







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Thanks for all the kind words and support.


Like I said earlier, the drummer is one of my best friends and a guy I have shared thousands of stage hours with before.


And he litterally might be one of the nicest, profe3ssional level headed people I have ever met. Good dude.


But I am half deaf today because of his cymbols crashing in my ears!! :mad:


We used to play REALLY LOUDLY!!



A bit more subdued and reeled in in in the country band though.


Anyway, I am sure these dudes will really appreciate the comments and the visits to their videos and their myspace page, etc.


Thanks, Y'all. :thu:

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