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Dean Serial Numbers


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I have a guy wanting to trade me a Dean for one of my Jacksons. Problem is, he says it is a Dean Vendetta 3.0, and the only guitar I can find that looks like the one he has, is a cheap Dean Vendetta XM. :rolleyes:

He has provided the serial number but I cant find anywhere I can look up the serial number to find out any info on it.


Anybody know a place to look these things up?

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Preciate that.

Im looking, but Im not finding anything there either. :arg:

try making a post on the Dean board - lots of knowledgeable folks.


For the most part - the USA models will have "Made in the USA" with YY - SERIAL on the back of the headstock. In the late 90's (1996 I believe) the serial #'s for the USA models were stamped on the fret board after the last fret.


There are Czech Republic guitars that will have Hand Crafted in the Czech Republic on the back of the headstock with a serial # (nothing to denote year.)


The Korean and Chinese guitar serials for the most part don't give a year or any other indication. They did start putting a year # somewhere in them, but they are imports and the year really doesn't matter for their worth.


There were some bolt on USA and Czech models. Not many.








Vendetta 3.0 information (serial # will not be different between import models)

* Neck Through Construction

* Solid Mahogany Body

* Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard

* Dual Humbuckers

* Tune-O-Matic Bridge

* String-Throught Body Design

* Classic Dean V Ferrule Pattern

* 24 frets

* 25.5 Scale

* Black Hardware

* Pearl Evil Eye Inlay

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Thanks for the help guys! :thu:


I seen where my membership/log in was just approved on the Dean boards so I will be posting something there in a few minutes.

Im starting to think this is going to be all for naught though. I think I pissed the guy off when I told him I thought his guitar looked a hell of a lot like the Dean Vendetta XM model. :rolleyes:

He exploded right away with, "Well, if it is indeed the XM, what do I have to add to make this an even trade?"

I answered, "A real guitar man! Im sorry but I just DO NOT like basswood guitars. If it is not the Vendetta 3.0, Im not interested."


Havent heard from him since... :facepalm:

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