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Help. Could you measure your Les Paul thickness for me, please?


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I want to know the thickness difference between and LP Standard, and an LP Studio, and an LP Faded Studio.


Measure the thickness at the edge, if you would, because trying to estimate the level at the top of the carved top is too 'iffy'.


I thank you for this. I'm buying a second guitar with my tax money. I own a 339 and I used to own a Paul Standard. I know how good a Paul is, but my funds would much prefer me buying the least expensive Paul which will cut it. I'd like to compare thicknesses, so that's why..


By the way, if any of you are willing to help, don't hesitate to report your measurements just because someone else reported theirs. (who knows if there were differences from year to year or what?


And by the way, I'd like to hear from anyone who knows how the all mahogany of a Faded sounds, vs. the maple/mahogany of others. I will make sure that whatever I buy has good pickups, by the way.


Thanks you guys.



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