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"Dead" Rebel-30 Update (re-tubed)


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I went ahead and ordered a pair each of JJ EL-84s and 6V6s.

I also ordered 3 JJ 12AX7s. I had bought a Groove tubes Gold series 12AX7R from GC when I bought the amp so I used that as well. I left in the original Sovtek phase inverter tube.

Not being 100% sure how to set the bias I just went with the 40MV instruction printed near the test points. ( Is it right? I have no clue as I can't remember how to bias this type of amp).

Fired it up and yeah it sounds damn nice!! The clean side is awsome!!

I need to find the right spot on the gain side to give me that smiling moment but I'm sure it's there somewhere. The new JJs deffinately brought the amp to life. Really took the wet (and howling) blanket off of it.

I'm going to have this amp for a long long time. It is very well built and the design seems inherently reliable. (fuse that keeps bad tubes from taking out the OT, Tubes right side up with ample ventilation to keep the heat down, and I didn't look too closely but judging from the solder posts on the EL-84s on the PCB, the tube sockets arent PCB mounted.. That's a good sign of longer life).

Now to practice a little bit and do a proper demo vid where I don't make a youtube fool of myself. :idea:

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