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New Pedaltrain Day...


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Wow...so NICE to have the old HC back!


Walked into GC on Friday night to return a defective pedal I bought from them. Got to looking at pedalboards again. Been wanting a Pedaltrain, but wanted a hardshell case to go with it. Those are normally $170 or more...


Well, I see this one, and figure it's pretty high:




No price, so I have them price check it. It came up at $119....:eek: No idea if they have them priced wrong, or if they were on sale...but needless to say, I bought one. Nice case with egg crate foam in the lid to keep your pedals in place, extra room for cables, etc. Case does look a bit different...not quite as heavy duty as this one in the pics. Great deal! Now...gotta get a few more pedals to fill it up again...:D

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