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Electronic Drums


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I have an Alesis DM pro Module.


I do music for film

and presently use a keyboard

for programming drum tracks.

but what i would do is

actually play my drum parts.


What i would like to do is

buy a simple, inexpensive, electronic pad kit:

kick, snare, hat, toms (2 or 3), ride, crash,

that would both

trigger my DM

and record the midi data

into my computer.


most of the trigger kits i see

have a module, or sound source, included

which i don't need.


sorry i am a bit naive at this.


please, any suggestions would be

greatly appreciated.



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Most e-kits come with a sound module because most people starting to use e-kits don't have one. Quite why it's not possible to forego the module I don't know. (Maybe same reason why in the UK it's not possible to buy rack parts?)


You could try finding a distributor of the DD501/DD502 (it goes by many guises) and see if you can get one without a module.


Alternatively, buy a rack and make your own pads. If you google, there's plenty of places that explain how.


As another choice, get a TrapKAT. They're grrreat! :D

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