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I got my DSL back!


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freakin bellsouth...




so my stupid DSL went down for a week, and tech support could not figure it out for anything. what an annoyance. an hour a day on the phone, they sent a new modem, they still couldn't figure it out. finally they set me up with a tech visit to my condo - who of course didn't show up, called me at 6:00 (the appointment was between 2:00 and 4:00), and said she wasn't going to make it.


so after two hours of fighting with bellsouth "customer service", i finally laid it out for them: fix it, or i'm changing. and they actually helped me! some service tech, who was awesome, came out while i was at work, figured out that it wasn't the wiring at my place, and replaced some router at the central office. and then called me at work to tell me it was all fixed.


and as an added bonus, replaced my modem with a wireless. so i have wifi at home now. rockin'!!!


bellsouth redeems itself, finally.


the sad part is, did anyone here notice that i've been gone for almost two weeks? :(

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