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Mooching Drummer


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So a guitarist and I played with a drummer for the first time last night. I've played with this guitarist since last June. The drummer showed up late and proceeded to list all the people he's played with. Then he started saying how he's subbing for this or that band and second drummer here and there. He described how he "helped one of his friends" by showing up with his recording gear. I asked him if he did it for free. "No way". Some friend. So this guy goes around and finds bands who put the work in and he just shows up and plays. At the end of the practice he says " you guys are still in rehersal mode". Well sure. We even tried a couple new songs. I guess being part of a work in progress doesn't suit him because it would require a commitment. It's better everyone else put in the time and money and effort. He just wants to show up and play. The whole thing is he isn't even that good.


You guys ever run into a mooch like this?

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