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Noob question....


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PA stands for public address system. It generally has 4 parts: sound source (mics and other instruments); ways of adjusting volume of those sound sources (mixers); ways of amplifying those sources (amps) and ways of producing those amplified sources (speakers).


So: mics -> mixer -> amp -> speakers


A powered mixer combines the mixer and amp into one unit. So for a PA with a powered mixer it would go: mics -> powered mixer -> speakers.


There are also powered speakers, also known as active speakers. Powered speakers and powered mixers should not be mixed unless you absolutely know what you are doing.

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instruments AND mics into a powered mixer for use as an amp?


no... you plug your mics into the mixer, then the mixer into an amp to power the system(Power amp), then into your PA cabinets to produce the sound..


This is a "Mixer"



This is a Power amp



This is a PA system(not including power amp)



now first you plug your mics into the mixer then you plug the mixer into the power amp, then you plug your speakers(cabinets) into the power amp.. and there you have it a PA system

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