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  1. I have a few strat copys for sale. I do mods on Guitars and Bass Guitars to resell for a little profit but I kind of bought too many, now I dont have enough money to buy parts to do the mods these are brand new Guitars still in the box and are really good quality No name on the Headstock made in China. they do need to be setup because they have never been pulled out of the box. but if you know how to adjust the bridge and the truss rod and a set of good strings you will be amazed how good these guitars play Ya I admit it the strings are crap but they would be good to break in a nOOb with:cool: $79.00 each shipped to your door Firm. same deal with a few bass guitars also I have 2 white strats with white Pick guards and 4of the transparrent coffee strats I accept Pay Pal only No trades. Pm Me for more information on the guitars if you are interested RARR Pink Yeah Baby Got one of these I need to sell
  2. Like New in fact it has never been used. $95.00 Delivered to your door I accept Pay pal
  3. I have a Shure Pro Master Power console I was wondering if it is classified as Vintage equipment?
  4. BUMP http://forums.maxima.org/images/smilies/worshipnissan.gif
  5. does any one own this book and how comprehensive is it concidering I am a complete Idiot when it comes to music theroy. I have pretty much played by ear but now I have become interested in composing my own music so I really need to be able totally understand music theroy. so is this book what I am looking for or do I need to keep looking:confused:
  6. 4 Sale New Behringer U-control UCA202 Ultra low Latency 2 in/2 out/USB/Audio Interface with digital output. $20.00 shipped USPS I will take Pay pal or USPS Money Order.
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