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OT: Anyone been lucky enough to catch the meteor shower last night?


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As a public service for those that are interested -


This shower (Perseids) peaks Sunday night (Monday morning) after midnight local time. These tend to be bright, long-lasting and large, IIRC.


It is normal for the showers to be better after midnight because then the overhead part of the atmosphere is plowing into the dust trail that forms the meteors.


At www.spaceweather.com you can get a full prediction. According to them, the peak will be shortly before dawn, EST, I believe. That means it may be too late for Fireball, but he may get lucky! Cheers!:thu:

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I was on a walk last night around the neighborhood and saw a few shooting stars. They were strong enough to be seen in the middle of the Chicago sky so I imagine it would have been spectacular out in the country without all of the ambient light.

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