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Beware: Fraudulant Pay Pal E-mail !


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I recieved a fraudulant e mail today disguised as Pay pal





You have 1 new Security Message Alert!



s Please visit the Resolution Center to resolve the problem.




Thank you for using PayPal!


The PayPal Team




PayPal Email ID: PP 7666


before I thought I clicked on the link and put in my email adress and my password but I saw that when the page came up asking for my financial information I knew it was a scam.


I just wanted to give everyone the heads up!

if you get an email from the above e-mail adress report it to paypal before deleting it.


I hope these {censored}ers are caught:mad:


btw here is the page that asked for my info

sneaky bastards:mad:


this page should not even come up here because it was supposed to be password protected:rolleyes: http://noticeaccount.com/


can anyone come up with any ideas how we can {censored} with these crooks lets hear them:thu:

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Yes, never, ever respond to emails from ebay or Paypal. Only access your account through the site itself.


A couple year ago, before I knew better, I responded to a phishing email, and someone got into my ebay account. They listed a motor scooter (?).

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