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Question for Yamaha fans/experts...


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I'm looking for any and all Info regarding '93 Yamaha RBX800af bass.


I traded for this bass a year or so ago and have been struggling finding much information regarding the Yamaha 800's.


Here's what I currently have found:


- Approx. 15 years old.


- Was top of the RBX line at that time.


- Fretless was an option.


- Very pretty transparent cranberry finish with nice woodgrain showing (sadly doesn't show in my photo's)


I haven't seen very many 800's at all, and I don't think I've ever seen an 800 Fretless.


So anyone know any real details about these models, and what you'd predict as a market value or it's desirability in today's market?



Just curious what I have. It plays and sounds great with the Tapewounds that are currently on it (not on the photos).


Any specifics regarding this is greatly appreciated.









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My main bass was a RBX5f for years , I finally let it go I had 2 actually , , great basses IMO , yours looks great too . Basswood body ,but yours with a clear finish may be a different wood . I did not like the lockdown system on the bridge though but it still was a great bass , not worth a whole lot IIRC, I would say in the 300 to 400 range . Just a guess .

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