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Demetrius? A skin disorder?


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Cops: Boy Kills Brother Over Dessert


By TRAVIS REED, Associated Press Writer

Wed Oct 3, 7:33 PM


ORLANDO, Fla. - A 13-year-old choked and beat his 8-year-old brother to death because the younger boy ate a dessert and the older one worried he would be blamed, authorities said Wednesday.


Demetrius Key was arrested on first-degree murder. The boys' mother, Tangela Key, told police she was visiting a cousin nearby and left him in charge of Levares Key and other younger siblings Saturday.


A neighbor told investigators she heard four loud bangs, followed by 10 minutes of quiet and then more commotion, according to an Orange County Sheriff's Office news release.


Demetrius Key went to the cousin's house and told his mother his brother was "passed out," the sheriff's office said. The younger boy was pronounced dead at a hospital.


Demetrius Key initially said he hit his brother with a metal shelf support, investigators said. After investigators searched the house, he said he used a broom handle, the sheriff's office said.


He then told the detective he punched the boy, choked him and banged his head on the floor, according to an affidavit.


"Demetrius offered that Levares upset him by eating a dessert that (he) was not to have eaten," Detective Appling Wells wrote. "He also advised Levares upset him by picking a scab and causing it to bleed.


"Demetrius said he feared Levares would blame both circumstances on him and tell his mother he had struck him and eaten the dessert."


The sheriff's office would not say what the dessert was.


Orange County Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia ruled the death a homicide from closed head injuries.


Tangela Key does not have a listed telephone number. The sheriff's office did not immediately know whether Demetrius Key had an attorney.

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There's more:


Sun-Sentinel.com, Oct 4, 2007


ORLANDO -- Orange County deputies Thursday morning arrested the mother of the 8-year-old boy who was beaten and choked to death last week allegedly by his older brother.


Tangela Key, 34, is facing charges of aggravated child neglect in the Saturday night beating of her son, Levares Key.


"She knowingly left Levares in a circumstance that could result in his death," Sgt. John Allen of the Orange County Sheriff's Office at a news conference this morning. "She knew that Demetrius (Key) had a propensity to harm Levares."


Investigators learned that she and other children participated in discipline sessions with Levares.


"Demetrius would hold Levares' legs while other children held his arms and they would hold him off the ground while she beat him," Allen said.


Deputies still are interviewing Tangela Key at the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Allen said she will be booked later this afternoon at the Orange County Jail.


Demetrius Key, 13, is accused of killing his brother at their Texas Avenue apartment after Levares ate a dessert he wasn't supposed to and picked at a scab until it started to bleed.


The older brother told investigators that he feared Levares would tattle to his mother and blame him.


A 13-year-old boy is due in juvenile court on Friday. The hearing is likely to be a short discussion about keeping him at the juvenile detention center for now.


The State Attorney's Office has 21 days to decide how to officially Demetrius Key. If prosecutors elect to charge him as an adult with first-degree murder, they will present the case to an Orange County grand jury.


Demetrius choked and punched the younger boy until he lost consciousness, the Orange County Sheriff's Office disclosed Wednesday.


Demetrius struck the 8-year-old so hard with a metal broom handle that it bent, investigators said.


Demetrius was in an Osceola County detention center Wednesday, facing a first-degree murder charge in the Saturday night beating at his mother's apartment off Texas Avenue.


"Brothers do fight, but rarely do one of them end up dying," Orange sheriff's Sgt. John Allen said. "This is a very unusual case."


Investigators struggled Wednesday to understand the beating and sort out the family circumstances of mother Tangela Key, 34, who has at least seven children, according to court records.


Key left the 13-year-old in charge of his siblings Saturday and headed to a cousin's apartment on the other side of the Beach Club apartments in the Holden Heights neighborhood.


Demetrius told investigators that he got annoyed when his younger brother ate a dessert that he wasn't supposed to and then caused his scab to bleed. He feared Levares would tattle to his mother and blame him.


A voice in his head told him to hit his brother, Demetrius said when questioned.


A neighbor who called 911 told the Orlando Sentinel that she heard a loud banging inside the second-floor apartment Saturday afternoon and then saw someone bring the young boy out onto the balcony. He was making a gurgling noise and his eyes were rolling back in his head, she said.


Levares died several hours later at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando.




OMFG.....that poor boy.

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Just a line in a song played on my favorite radio station. don't know the artist, but it's kinda appropriate. I sold my last bass in "72 or so, went to school and somehow ended up working in a 30 year career mopping up situations like this one. I saw people shot dead by family members over the last piece of bread at the dinner table! So now we spend billions bringing "democracy " to Iraq, when our inner cities are worse than they have ever been. I have always found spiritual release in music and now I'm back playin bass to keep my weak grasp on my sanity.( and cause I always watched the bass player as much or more than the guitar hotshot) whenever I went to live music. Sorry for the rant, but poor Demetrius and his poorer brother are not really a rare occurrence on the other side of the tracks, and it seems frequently in more priviledged environs too. The media depending on the city often does not even waste the ink, air time etc. unless there is a hook like the "dessert". Keep spreadin the Love with the music brothers!

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So now we spend billions bringing "democracy " to Iraq, when our inner cities are worse than they have ever been.



Sorry man, but this argument does not belong here.


At some point it no longer matters how much money you pour into an inner city. The responsibility belongs to the people, no matter how much help they are getting.


Money can't cure insanity.

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