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Sting PBass / Mike Dirnt PBass (impressions)


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Had the chance to play both of these tonight after dropping my wife off at a friend's (had the guitar shop all to myself and played a bunch of guitars and basses).


I am a HUGE fan of the 51 Precision - the look, the simplicity, etc. So when I saw the Sting sig and Mike Dirnt sig on the wall I decided to check them out.


Before you go any further - if you want impressions of how the pups sound and how it was through an amp, close the thread now. I tend to try everything unplugged at music stores. (1 - I am not into music store weedly-weedly, 2 - I do not play any covers so it's my own stuff that I like to keep to myself, 3 - I don't want to embarass myself :cop:)


Impressions (disclaimer, these are my personal impressions, so YMMV :)):


$839 CAD


Big Jumbo frets make it really easy to run around the fretboard, but the fit & finish is not perfect - very sharp fret ends (and I thought that only happened on Gibson guitars, according to the EG forum... :poke: ;)) Dissapointing, but easily fixed (hell, I'd personally haggle to get the shop to do it for free before I walk out the door with the bass)

Played very nice otherwise, I like the flatter radius on this one.

Split-P pickup is an interesting choice - I thought it almost looked odd at first for the '51, but it grew on me.

Not as much shaping to the body as the Sting sig. not uncomfortable or anything, but lacks some things some smaller folks might want like a belly cut.

Pleasantly surprised not to find a signature on the bass anywhere - just a small stamped star on the neck plate (this garners serious kudos from me). In fact, I did not know it was a sig bass until I pulled it from the wall and saw the tag.





(WHAT?! you say, a CIJ Sting sig cheaper than a MIM Dirnt?? I know that's what I said)

Not sure on the nomenclature, but the frets are "vintage-tiny". Personally I really liked it because the loooow action really played nicely with small frets, but it will definitely scare off some people. I did find the vintage radius tougher to play, though, than the Dirnt.

Fit and finish were very good. Fret tangs are buried nicely under finish and the frets were generally dressed better.

I am no expert, but I like the look of the pup better on this bass for the vintage look.

More shaping to the body. Nice bellycut.

Hate the big gaudy sig treatment on the 12th fret. It would be different if there were similar fret markers on the other frets, but a big pearloid (or whatever material) marker at the 12th with a sig in it sticks way out like a sore thumb. I like Sting, but it's still gaudy and goddamnit, it's ME who's playing the thing.


Final thoughts:

Despite a better pricetag, better fit & finish, arguably more precise 'vintage' spec, and a bit more attention ot detail all around, the very small frets, more extreme radius, and gaudy sig treatment of the Sting sig P-Bass likely will ultimately send consumers to the alternative 51 P-Bass offering, that being the Mike Dirnt sig. But both are worthy additions to the corral of early P-Bass lovers (and even those who don't know a 51 Precision from a rocketship).


I hope someone finds this helpful. :wave:

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I like the regular 51 reissue, myself. The Sting bass would be fine if not for the 12th fret sig.



The 51 reissue was what I would have wanted to see, as well. My shop did not have one.


I thought the Dirnt might be some strange reissue (though the split P pup threw me off) until I saw the tag. It was a decent bass, but a bit much for a MIM, in my opinion.

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I've played both and I have to say I like both. But....even though I am a massive Dirnt fan I wouldn't buy it. It just doesn't appeal to me that much. I would buy the Sting bass though, that thing oozed coolness and damn did it have some bite to it! I was surprised how nice it sounded. I never saw any defects on the MD or Sting, no problems with sharp frets or anything but I found the Sting to be more comfortable neckwise.

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