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An Actual Bass Thread...


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To help appease those whining about non-bass related threads, I decided to share the following:


Yesterday afternoon the other sound guy and I were inventorying equipment at the church where we run sound. We went to the youth room, where we knew they sometimes have live music. So what do I find? A pretty sweet setup.


There were two Ibanez basses (a 4 and a 5) with an Ibanez combo amp. A Peavey PA system with direct boxes and a Takamine acoustic/electric. A decent drum kit with plywood barrier lines with eggcrate foam.


I can't believe I had not discovered this great practice area yet... So the sound guy is a good guitard and one of the people who got me started on bass, so we kind of forgot the inventory and ended up jamming for a while.

I think I like the skinny neck on the Ibanez and the P/J setup. Even though it was a lower end Ibanez, the neck felt good to me. :lol:

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