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Concert Review: Silverchair - Meridian, Houston Texas 11/28/2007


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First off, I've been a SC fan since I can remember. Earliest was when Frogstomp was released in 94/95? Was good music for the times. I just remember how good it was, considering these guys were between 12-14 at the time it was being recorded. Still is good today!


Anyhow, I'd always been put off tho b/c they never/hardly ever came to the US, and when they did (at least at the ages I could drive myself and go) it was never in Texas to make it feasible.


So finally after years of waiting they did the "Across The Great Divide" tour and of course, Texas got skipped again! And this was just earlier this year. But then a second one got booked, at a lot smaller venues for more intimate shows and I'm really glad they did.


If you've heard anything they've done since "Neon Ballroom", you know how complex and layered a lot of their new stuff can be, on "Diorama" and now on "Young Modern". And even on "Neon" too, so it's no longer chugging out power chords and loads of distortion.


Same 3 main guys- Daniel, Ben and Chris, and then two guys on different key setups. One guy behind Daniel (who was playing a Soldano head and 412 + 212 Soldano cabs) had what looked to be a mini organ, keyboard, some other stuff. He pretty much was on every song except the ones off of "Frogstomp" and "Freak Show". The other guy was to the left of Chris, and mainly did the strings/horns/etc., the orchestration stuff that's on the records. EXCELLENT mixing meant you could really hear all the strings and keys and stuff that make the albums sound so thick and good.


Chris had 2 115 Ampeg Fliptop setups, side by side on top of a sideways Ampeg SVT 810. Played mostly his various G&L's and one Fender P. Sweet pedalboard too of about 5 or 6 custom pedals, as they were all in the same casings, but obviously did different things and were colored I'm assuming in accordance to what they did. He had a HUGE sound and used varying levels of distortion and drive to fill up any empty space when they did some 3-piece stuff. Very underrated player.


Ben played the same Pearl set I've seen him use forever. Sounded awesome.


Daniel used the Soldano setup as referenced above, and about 5 guitars- his black & gold Les Paul, red SG, his green PRS Custom 22 he's had since I first saw them on SNL, and two different Tele's w/ F-holes.


I don't remember the exact order of the setlist, so I'll do it by album- I probably left out one or two, but I'll try:



Israel's Son


Freak Show:

The Door



Neon Ballroom:

Emotion Sickness

Ana's Song (Open Fire)



The Greatest View


Young Modern:

Young Modern Station

Straight Lines

If You Keep Losing Sleep

Reflections of a Sound



The standouts were:


Emotion Sickness- one of my all time fave Chair songs, and they played it effortlessly and it was perfect. I wish they'd have played it twice!


The Greatest View- my fave from Diorama, and the crowd was really into it.


Straight Lines- fave song from the new album, and with both keys setups, they were able to get all the fun stuff in there too.


Freak- closed with this song, and people about lost it. The venue was probably about 1000, easily at or past capacity, and it was fun jumping up and down, feeling boobies rub against you from various angles... ;)


Ana's Song- after it was over, he was kind of making a joke and asked "I don't mean this as a dis, but is it true that Houston is the fattest city in the world?" Everyone laughed and yelled and was screaming "yes!" and he just laughed and went "That last song is about a very serious condition, that I think you have the opposite of!" I guess nobody but me got it. But I don't live in Houston and aren't fat, so I laughed at the cheering people. :)


Overall, they've either practiced, or weren't on anything, or weren't drunk this show b/c it blows away a lot of their older stuff I'd seen live. Since then though I looked up some stuff online of their shows from the past 2-3 years, and they really take it up a notch nowadays, and that night showed.


I almost kicked myself for not going to Avenged Sevenfold, but glad I didn't. Daniel did a TON of crowd interaction, which is odd considering his personality, but it kept everyone attentive, and made it more fun.


I'm really seeing if I can hit up another show before this tour is over, even if I have to travel. It was that damn good. And after just coming off of the best Tool show ever, I needed to be impressed, and was I ever. :)

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Man RSB, you need to get out of tax work and become a music critic!!:thu:


I saw Silverchair about 10 or so years ago on SNL and they were horrible. I heard about 4 or 5 wrong notes from the bass player. Of course they were very young then (still are I suppose). Hell, at least they didn't play to a pre-recorded track like Ashley Simpson or others on SNL!


Mr. Matt

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Awesome dude, wish I coulda been there


I was thoroughly impressed. As I said above, I was wary as some Chair shows I've seen or heard about in the past were iffy, but this one was dead on and they simply nailed it. You know when you go to a show and afterwards say "Damn, I wish they'd make a DVD of THAT one!" Well this was one of those. :)

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I've taught a few of their songs and although I've really never been a fan, some of the tunes are really kind of catchy!




The stuff on Diorama and Young Modern is pretty complex, and some of it is even over the top.

They do the simple stuff great, as well as the good arrangements. Great mix.

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