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Weakly Next Great American Band wrap Up!!!!


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And the finale......


some amazing performances. They brought back the singer from Northmont, who they said was awesome, but his band sucked, and they put him with Sixwire's rhythm section, Denver's horns and the slide guitarist from the Clark Bros, and let him do "Smooth". Pretty cool!


Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.........




Didn't win!


Sheila E played with a band called COED, which consisted of Kat Dyson, Hilary Jones, Rhonda Smith and a keyboardist I didn't know........ But they rocked for chicks...... (Just kidding! That line up couldn't help but be good)


And the Goo goo Dolls performed. Not so much......:freak:


All the bands that participated did a Christmas song in a little medleu (Cliff Wagner and the old number 7 got "Grandma got run over by a reindeer)


But your winner, the next great American band is.......

















The Clark Brothers!!!!!!!!


I bet Sixwire still releases a CD, and gets huge, though...

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