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OT : Fun With Craigslist


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Kind of OT, anyway.


I have a pair of older Peavey SP-4 Pa cabinets that need all of the components . You can get them from
and make some cabinets that POUND DUDE!!!!! I used to blow dry my hair with these babies in the back of my van . Yo I had 6 - 2000 watt amps drivin these biotches and tri-amped the system . I made my girlfriend poop everytime i forgot to turn the amps off before I turned the tuner head on.


Also if you are having a bonfire and fill these with old , almost empty aerosol paint and hairspray cans it could be alot of fun and possibly dangerous. The grey cabinet fur could use some brushing possibly even a haircut and style ...best offer wins this prize auction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hurry hurry hurry You need these !!!!!!

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