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  1. Yeah, yeah....I just listen to them to remind myself that I'm not as bad as I think I am. 😂 Same old lug. 😁 I am proud to say that my 21 year old son is a bass player. Started playing bass with the jazz band in high school his freshman year. By the time he graduated, he was grooving quite well! I was VERY proud of him! You are right though, it just doesn't seem like anyone actually WANTS to PLAY music anymore.
  2. Where have I been? Well...bandless for years, focused on getting my kids through school, lost both my parents and didn't even touch my bass for the last four years after they died. I recently picked it back up and joined a new band that is just starting out. I remembered all the fun I used to have on this forum and wanted to check it out. Please excuse that I didn't read through years of posts and apparently my search-function-foo was weak. Thank you for letting me know. A shame really... Still have a bunch of MP3s of your playing. I pull them out every so often and listen to them. Serious groove, there. 🙂 I may hop over to Talkbass and EBassist. I think I still have accounts at both. Just remember that I never seemed to have as much fun over there as I did here. Oh well...to all good things there must come an end.
  3. This place used to be SUPER active on a daily basis and now....a ghost town. Did I miss some kind of Bass Forum Apocalypse?
  4. If memory serves me correctly, Harmony was Sears' brand that they sold from their catalogs back in the 80s.
  5. Well....after years of being away...I have returned. Looks like LOTS of changes since I was here last. I'm see some of the 'old timers' are still around. 🙂
  6. Social strategy post? (I have NO idea what that is )
  7. Originally Posted by slapthefunkyfour I'm only 365 posts away from a HOF member status. Had I not stopped posting for a year and a half, I might be there already... Instead, I took that time off and now I'm just trying to catch back up. Oh well...
  8. post Just because it's been a while since I posted in this thread.
  9. Been a while since I've posted in the TK...I never really follow it, and for the most part ignore it. Anyway...just dropping in to look around...
  10. ugh...morning...at least I slept good last night...had a little help from my friends Benadryl and Beringer. Nothing like an entire bottle of wine to help you sleep. Granted...I've been up for 2 hours and still a bit groggy.
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