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I think I just sold some gear!


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I had a full stack up for sale on the local Craigslist, and after several days with no bites, I finally got one!



Be Glad cos am really intreted in the musical inrtument,sincerely get back to me if still available,and if you reply me back that you have it for sale,consider it sold to me,




His name is Reverend Smith, so he HAS to be honest... you know, being a pastor and all. :facepalm:


Here is what I was going to reply with:



I am very Glad that you are really intreted in the musical inrtument, cos I have it for sale for long time, but it is not so much a musical inrtument in the sense that it does not produce sound, as much as it amplifies the sound of an inrtument that is associated with it through direct contact of a supplied signal from said inrtument. So technically, the proper terminology for this "inrtument", as you have referred to it, would be an amplifier (or in more simplistic terms, a "head"), and two speaker cabinets.

The generally accepted term for this combination of equipment, here in North America is a "full stack", but I don't want to be confusing, so from here on out we will refer to it as a head and cabinets. Not that I mean to mislead you here either, as this is not a physical "head" as you would find on a human being or an animal, and these are not "cabinets" as you would find in your kitchen or office.


On second thought, let me just refer to this as an "amplifier" and two "speakers". I wan't you to know exactly what you are buying from me after all.


Now in case you don't understand the concept of how an amplifier works, I will give you a basic high level breakdown of the amp and speakers' function.

Basically, as I stated before, and amplifier does not "create" sound, as a musical inrtument would, but it "reproduces" that sound by processing a signal from a musical inrtument. In the case of the bass guitar, which this amplifier and speakers were designed for, the amplifier processes vibration from the strings, via magnetic pickups on the guitar body itself. These vibrating strings cause a fluctuation in the magnetic fields of the pickups, which, in turn, transforms into a small electrical signal. This signal THEN travels through a conductor (typically a pair of 1/4" jacks joined togeither by a shielded cable) which joins the guitar to the amplifier. Once the signal leaves the guitar and enters the amplifier, a series of complex circuits comprised of hundreds of electrical components such as resistors, capacitors, IC's, transistors, diodes, etc... process this signal and increase it's amplitude. This signal is then routed through an additional set of conductors (typically UNshielded) and into a speaker cabinet (or multiple speaker cabinets as this case would be). The electrical current that is this newly processed signal will now go through a series of electrical filters and into the speakers, pushing the cones of the speaker back and forth and vibrating the air around them with their movement. This creates the perception of amplified "sound" from your guitar.


It would take several pages to fully explain the exact signal processing and circuitry of the amplifier, or the internal designs of a crossover and/or speaker, and what is actually "physically" happening on a molecular level, so i will spare you the minute details. I was just mildly concerned when you referred to this as an "inrtument" since, technically, be definition, it is not. You need a separate inrtument, such as a bass guitar, for this to really benefit you at all.


Now I wouldnt want to sell you a "full stack" without an "inrtument" to go with it, so I will make you a great deal.

For $2,000 dollars I will sell you the full stack AND a bass, and I'll even throw in a rack tuner.


Are you still interested?:poke:



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So you're basically selling your entire rig? Are you throwing in the towel or buying something else?


I'm not selling my main rig, as listed in my sig.


I had bought a 90's era Carvin full stack off a buddy a few years ago, and I kept it at my former church for the time being. Meanwhile my former student had been using it, and since I obviously wasn't missing it, I figured I'd try to sell it to him. Unfortunately he only wanted the head, so I made him a deal.


On the other hand, I had a vintage Randall head that I had bought a while back, (with the intention to fix and sell) so I paired that with the carvin cabs and put it up for sale.


Me, throw in the towel? NEVER!!!


I am, however, planning to buy something else....


I was thinking of a down payment on a new zero turn lawn mower, OR.....




Unfortunately, I probably need the zero turn a lot worse.....

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He'll send you a $12,000 check. Simply cash it and send him back $10,000 and your gear. Done deal.




Now a CHECK would make me supsicious......


I think I'll request Western Union just to be safe.


Now, in the event that he asks me to ship to Nigeria, what service should I use?

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You just wasted HOW long replying to a bot (a computer generated email).


but he has a gmail account! :freak:


oh I don't know..... 15 - 20 minutes of my 8 hour day?


I don't look at it as wasting time, so much as.....

well, yeah, there's pretty much no way around it. It's wasted.:facepalm:

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