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Finally all on the same page!!!!


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For years, we've always had one member that was never quite on the same page as the rest of us regarding our set list - and it's always been the drummer. That slot has been a source of stress (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) and the turnover had been very frequent.


FINALLY - our current drummer is one that "gets it". His words: "I like doing songs the crowd likes more than songs I like". He also presented 5 or 6 songs that are currently/recently top hits on the Billboard charts - and ones that will lend themselves well to a two-guitar female-fronted band without keys. At least two of them are ones that I had been considering for a couple of weeks and two are up-and-comers. All in all, I say "well done, sir".


In reality, we'll probably end up with two or three of them and a couple of others that Amy has been keeping her eye on. Maybe even one that hasn't been released yet. But at least we're not fighting phrases like "let's do a Godsmack/Tool/SOAD song" anymore.


We've been on a decline regarding attendance and crowd interest the past couple of months, and it's been pretty sobering. I'm hoping this will be step one of our recovery - instead of seeing people head toward the door at midnight, I want to see them get excited about our band again!

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